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What are the types of shoes

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Today, you can hear new and “unusual” the names shoes, for example: oxfords, loafers, Derby, top sideri, brogues, etc. Many kinds of shoes have appeared quite recently - they are on the shelves of boutiques, their titles easily operate fashion publications, and in our heads still a mess. Today we consider what are the varieties of shoes, as they are called, and what kind of shoes is designed.


the Shoes are divided into a few major groups:

  • male;
  • female
  • spring
  • winter
  • summer
  • autumn
  • demi.

Seasonal shoes

  1. Winter shoes. He was selected on 3 main points: durability, comfort, stability. It is characterized by a rubberized, non-slip, thick and durable sole. Also both women's and men's winter footwear should be insulated insole, fur, or some other insulation. It can be made of suede, synthetic or genuine leather. The main attribute of winter shoes is stitched soles so that the shoes will withstand the most severe weather and did not get wet. And ice and snow will not be a hindrance for you. By the way, buy quality winter shoes you can go to the online store:
  2. Autumn shoes. It is divided into 2 types: early and late autumn. It is called "naked" and lightly insulated. It may not have fur, but warm lining can still be present. It is made of rubber, varnish, artificial leather, leather, and suede. It is also important that this Shoe was waterproof. Therefore, it is better to choose shoes with stitched sole;
  3. Spring shoes. This involves shoes comfort and ease, so sometimes  in spring shoes no insoles. Usually made with thin soles, but it can also be stitched or rubberized for protection from heavy spring rains. It may be made of any material: lacquer, leather, waterproof cloth or chamois;
  4. Summer shoes. Choosing the shoes, you need to look at the comfort that lies in the naturalness of the materials from which it was made. It is better to buy summer shoes from: cotton, bamboo or flax, that the skin of legs "to breathe";
  5. Demi-season shoes. It includes 2 periods: spring-summer and autumn-winter. The shoes choose to make a smooth transition from winter shoes to spring, from autumn to winter, from spring to summer. This Shoe is able to protect us from: wet snow, mud, slush, rain, etc. these shoes are choosing due to weather conditions, and not on the time of year. These shoes are often made from durable materials and has a high quality sole.

Other types of shoes

Besides the seasonal classification of shoes is divided into several groups:

  • casual
  • professional (industrial, military);
  • domestic
  • output
  • orthopedic.

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