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How to strengthen the immune system?

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we Just got used to the warm sun, as summer came autumn. It was cool, windy, and we started to hurt. And the reason is a weakened immune system. How to grow it further - recommends a clinical immunologist Svetlana Polishchuk. Let's learn in greater detail about so right now.


What is the immunity?

the Immune system is a system of protecting the body. Every time with the change of season or changes the immune system weakens, because it is the same as the entire body, gets used to a certain temperature and humidity. If the immune system cannot cope with certain temperature changes, the person suffers from respiratory and infectious diseases, have any given and chronic illness. More detail about the immune system please visit: .


How to prevent the weakening of the immune system?

to prevent the weakening of the immune system, it is necessary to take care of the increase in the protective capacity of the organism. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle: sleep at least eight hours a night, exercise and eat right. The diet should include a variety of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and also foods that contain large amounts of proteins and vegetable fats. Is enough proteins in legumes and dairy products, and healthy fats rich in fish. Also, to increase adaptive capacity of the organism, as directed by a doctor, you can use certain vitamin preparations, so-called adaptogens. This can be medication on the basis of Echinacea, ginseng, young deer antlers. To increase the immune system will also help the protein complexes, preparations based on yeast, sprouted wheat grains.



so, today, many of us learned what is immunity and how to strengthen it. Remember that this should be done in the complex, that is, to fully comply with all the rules, because only together they can give a good result. Your health depends on togoo, how do you feel about your body and how you care about him. This is important. Only educated yourself correctly you will be able to give an example to their children. And this example is worth more than the money, because our health is priceless.

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