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How to extend the life of the products in your fridge

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Summer greens mainly stored in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place in the clear. But after a while it begins to turn yellow, and finally fades. Therefore, if you buy in the vegetable market a bunch of parsley, flush with water and tipped up to put in a glass jar and close the lid.

Bright green color and firmness parsley store in two weeks, and a clove of garlic left on doors, remove unpleasant smell in the refrigerator. For more info on how to remove a bad smell in the refrigerator can be read at: .

Fruits and vegetables

the Apples also need to be stored separately in small plastic containers. In such conditions, the fruit produces carbon dioxide and saves his life.

Quite often the markets sell produce that is grown in greenhouses and not home garden beds. Over time, they wither and lose their elasticity. No matter where it was grown vegetable, you must each separately in unwashed condition wrap in napkin or paper towel and only then put it in the bag in the refrigerator.

Buying bananas, everyone has noticed that over time they become brown and rot. In order to avoid damage, should the end of the fruit (not where the tail) wrap in plastic wrap or foil and put in a free corner of your kitchen. The bananas will start to darken just a week after such storage. However, by that time you will have time to eat them.

Potatoes and beets

Potatoes and beets usually we leave on the balcony or in the basement. Over time, from it appears an unpleasant odor, because the vegetables start to rot. Beetroot with potatoes should be stored together in a package that is desirable to put in the closet or dark place. Beets are very well absorbs moisture, thereby does not allow the potatoes to begin the process of rotting.


Carrots should also not be kept on the balcony, because a few days after her acquisition on her dark spots appear and it becomes like rubber. In order to avoid damage, place the vegetable in a bag and pour back the onion husk. Only after that send in the refrigerator. Thus, carrots will retain their firmness and bright color.

Dairy products

Dairy products such as milk, kefir, yogurt or serum, it is necessary to strictly store in an upright position. This tip will be effective even when the capacity of the product has already open. For example, when you open a bag of milk, there are bacteria instantly. If the package is placed in the refrigerator in a horizontal position, these bacteria will spread faster in milk than in the vertical, they remain only on the surface. Therefore, in the vertical position the milk will remain a few days longer.

the fine Cheese will keep fresh, if the cutoff of the butter, which prevents the formation of the crust. Also using parchment paper, wrap the cheese and put to the fridge. The parchment will prevent the ingress of moisture to the cheese and will not allow mold to appear on its surface.

In General, dairy products are best to put in the main part of the refrigerator because of door the cooling temperature is much higher.

If the product is mouldy and spoiled, you immediately throw it away and disinfect the refrigerator, because the fungus may move to other products.

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