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Yak vibrate dealno the kitchen?

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Which material vibrate?

that is Why, any material VI vdate Periago for two Kuhn, salestime, Yak bude dougo I wadano sluziti won you. By the way, you can AKS Kuhn to order at : site:



the Tree - Cologne e first most expensive material, but its high vartti wypadowa. Firstly, he sticky to mehanna vplyvu, secondly, Varanasi dougout. Virobi W pine and Baresi varauta budgetary option, in one hour Yak Garh, oak first beech ochnulsya more. Kings W mid derevni port cervone , a palisander tree.

However I nedali Dana matters ?: Sunny wiggled lyzlovo parties and tree can postradali from sucks, in terms of voids (so zuanich «zwil") ABO Trin.



particle Board (sample f-struzhkova plate) lder mid materals for korpusnih furniture. Zavdyaki sway pcvideo volgotno I cognitivist particleboard may be vikoristannya at ranomena the umovy: he vdmn Pudge Yak for ops, and for the house, even bathroom so high volost I regular temperature fluctuations not zmenshiti of Pereval addition to the material. Ocrm nsogo, particleboard is low-option, and hence, by kishen hard not to fall.

Hoch th nedak Gogo ?: z say plite of course, that won skladatelja W tirsi I derevne chips, all purpose—asout formaldehyde pitch, that, in turn, nebezpeci for man. Of course, the negative level vpliva vinacasa koncentratu vipers, nevertheless in ditch all DSP pamati not Varto Bulo b.

Ecologic the standard dlat material 2 clasie:

  1. E1
  2. the
  3. E2.

Persha Grupa harakterizuetsya blow ecologst, and the other has got Mensch EORTC requirements. On samtse pokupaem: most zuvor requirements to CIR pokaznikiv pre the solids japansk virobnika.


Laminowanie CPD

Laminowanie particleboard (chipboard) - a stove, Yak of pokreta specjalno obramleny paperovo-resin PLWHA. Dana pokrittya can motovate texture, color and malonek different port tree the other materials, so, I choice of chipboard duzhe bahati. Matter also stika to mehanna poskozeni I don't botsa ceplecha cavnic garaco I bet, but, of course, in rozumny boundaries.

MOSI analogon zvicinou CPD: formaldehyde wyprobowania I nameslist Tonka treatment material.



fiberboard (village-fiber Board) or so titles, orgall - CE sadn stinky kuchennych Schaff, the bottom vinovnyh asiku furniture in Econom-class. Fiberboard in fact - sprecover cellulose fiber, syntetic palmeri, specal supplements I water. The matter has characterno texture «stockey".

MDF volt good teploizoljatsionnymi wlasciwosci, Rado price I terms exploits, nevertheless do not transfer the state award. Moreover, the material is "vitratni" I vykorystovuyutsia for "cernovich" robt.



MDF - same village-fibrous plate, but serednia sliest, that I wcisu abbreviation (Medium Density Fiberboard). This resloved harakterizuetsya credimi wlasciwosci, which means I zastosuvannya range has more wide. Gdst MDF sche th at the fact scho in Yogo stvoren vykorystovuyutsia SOSM Neznana number formaldegid, so figure ecologcial practical dosage natural rvna. Moreover the texture of the MDF more odnory. CE opportunities rossiu: pliti actively vykorystovuyutsia for comlex I STN insole, floor tiles.

This material msnsi for CPD , factual VDC better vitria Tr volost I termoneeny variations. Vartti MDF Radu not less, but Oskolki tsei Rinok in Belarus especially not rozliseni, material pavidus in tn same teritor our country.

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