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Massage, like a business card beauty salons

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“Movement – life". This phrase is known to almost every modern person, since the intensity of his activity has increased a hundredfold, even though physical activity is sometimes minimized. Naturally, in the end such an eventful day he begins to feel tired that you want to remove. For its thousand-year history, the man hardly came up with is so simple, how much and effective means of relaxation, like a massage. Today, he actively practices "la Ola".


What is massage?

to Say today who is the progenitor of this, without exaggeration, art is virtually impossible, since each nation has its own traditions in this matter, which originated in the most ancient times. From a technical point of view massage is a combination of mechanical and reflexive manipulation in relation to the tissues or organs in our body. The impact is performed by pressing, rubbing, vibration, etc. as a result, peripheral CNS receptors perceive pressure on the organs and the skin, transmitting signals along the chain.


What is SPA?

a Therapeutic and relaxing effect on the body can be carried out in different settings (clinics, home etc). Today most massage enthusiasts are attending special institutions, which used a set of procedures aimed at relaxation and rejuvenation of the body. Such places are called beauty salons or SPAS.


What services does the salon "la Ola"?

Our school is considered one of the best in the capital, but in terms of massage we have tremendous experience that will allow you to forget about any pain, bring the muscles and fully relax. We offer the following kinds of massage:

  • full body massage. It is a complex manipulation, which is the most universal. It is used to relieve stress and tone, the treatment and prevention of diseases;
  • back Massage. Here we use the traditional, relaxing and therapeutic treatments. Considering the spine, back muscles, skeleton and internal organs
  • the spin Complex and the cervical spine. Formally, this is enhanced by the cervical area formula of the previous program;
  • massage of the neck and the surrounding area. This is a great tool for the prevention of and fight against a whole bunch of diseases. In addition, stimulation of this area adjacent normalizes the work of organs and systems;
  • Massage of the hands and feet. These organs are more tired at the end of the working day, so their massage promotes relaxation. You should also not forget that the feet and hands there are many receptors, proper stimulation which will have a therapeutic implication;
  • Thai reflex massage. This procedure aims to the initiation of key points, stress relief and treatment of chronic ailments, etc;
  • anti-Cellulite massage thighs, belly, arms. The purpose of this type of procedures is speedy getting rid of orange peel;
  • Brazilian butt. Complex manipulation for those girls and women who like there Latin American standard of beauty.

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