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How to choose the right diaper your baby?

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do Not even have time to subside all congrats on the little one, as parents catches many worries and troubles that are inevitable when a new man in the family. But all modern moms and dads pretty lucky – after all, diapers were able to deliver them from the main problems linked to frequently changing it is gauze diapers, and washing and Ironing of diapers. More useful information is located at .


What are the types of diapers?


Disposable diapers

This is one of the most popular diapers among parents in America, Europe and the CIS. They are produced in huge quantities, using the same technology as in sanitary napkins, as well as often using a gel liquid-absorbing and holding it inside, protecting the baby and his delicate skin from irritation.

the Pros of these diapers is convenience: because the nappy is quite easy to put on and take off, they don't leak and thereby prevent the formation of rashes, and most importantly – washable  iron, drying them is not necessary.

a Negative quality of these disposable diapers – only that they are expensive, because according to statistics, only one baby needs to change diapers around 4000-5000 before he learns to use the potty.


Diaper pants

Normal diapers in difference on panties have an elastic band, enabling you to wear this diaper becomes much faster and easier – a boy to lay lying is not necessary, and can disguise even standing. Some models are complemented by Velcro for greater comfort. Absorbent panties are designed for children who already  move yourself – they creep go and run, as dress of active child in a disposable diaper, it is becoming increasingly difficult.


Reusable panties and diapers

Very similar to disposable diapers only they are made of soft and thick cotton, often with a beautiful printed pattern. These diapers though not very popular, but still they have one advantage: they are cheaper than disposable because are available for processing and washing, as well as for a long time.

On this very principle arranged panties for frequent use – erasing, removing the absorbent insert, which also is subject to multiple use.



Before you give preference to, the same or other types of diapers, first you need to decide with their financial resources. It is very likely that reusable diapers will take longer, but can save a fair amount, and today there is a washing machine in almost every home. In any case, you need to try different diapers to choose the most suitable for your baby.


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