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Variety of women's shoes

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Women – it is not only the beautiful half of society, but also the most mysterious. One ladies can be so many different "fad" that occur seemingly out of the blue, they will be enough, as they say, a company of soldiers. One of such problematic issues is the selection of women's shoes. It is a process that every male is just nothing: I came, I saw, I bought (almost like Caesar). At the same time, our lovely ladies make this process just the same in the whole Saga, for which you can make a soap Opera.

In fact this is logical, as having a tremendous desire to be beautiful and irresistible, you cannot select that anyhow – it requires a serious and calculated approach. Significantly reduce procedure and to preserve the beautiful legs you can go to the website: p and ordering the right pair of shoes.

But how to make the right choice among the huge number and species diversity to choose boots, shoes or sandals that perfectly fit your style and for your upcoming event? To do this, it would be nice to understand the basic types of shoes, which is, in fact, and will be discussed later.


What types of women's shoes are most in demand?

Today, in principle, there is no problem of choice, because even on the simplest market or a small boutique offers many kinds of shoes. Another thing, not all of them are equally popular and in demand. Therefore, let us try to understand the most common types. Such can be attributed with certainty:

  • Boots
  • Ugg boots
  • Shoes
  • Boots
  • Chelsea
  • Ballet flats
  • Slip-on
  • Espadrilles
  • the Gladiators.

now consider each in more detail.



It is traditional for many people high shoes. Given the model, the length of the boot can reach half of the tibia (ankle), or thigh (thigh boots). Have a comfortable anatomic cut and fixed on the leg with straps, laces, straps, elastic bands, etc. may Also vary and the sole (heel, flat sole, wedge heel, etc).


Ugg boots

This soft winter boots (if you can call it that) that have flat soles and the insulation inside (natural or faux fur). Perfect fit, retain heat, but to use them only in snowy weather – slush will quickly lead them unusable.



They can be considered as the most popular women's shoes. Structurally, they cover the lower and lateral part of the foot. Often has a heel of varying heights (from low to studs).



This is a hybrid between shoes and boots. They completely cover the foot, sometimes capturing up to a quarter of the tibia. The sole can be with heels or wedges, and in quality of materials often choose suede, leather or natural leather.



the Shoes with a narrower toe. Fixed on the foot through the elastic side inserts. Have flat soles or low flat heel all the heel.


Ballet flats

This is one of the most popular types of summer footwear that has a flat sole, closed toe-mysik. The quality of materials used completely different fabrics, from leather to cotton.



shoes, which is a mix between shoes and ballet flats. Among the features are a low sole and a pronounced Tang on the rise.



Lightweight summer shoes textile gathered in rope-soled shoes. The top is made of thick material, which, however, does not prevent the skin to breathe and feel great even in the heat.



This is another version of summer shoes, so called due to visual similarity with Roman sandals. Features a slim flat sole and multiple straps around the foot and lower leg.

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