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Pneumatics and its variations

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the Main purpose of modern air guns are primarily hunting birds and small game (rabbits, Martens, squirrels), sport and entertainment shooting. That is why most often it is small capacity. However, the theoretical power limits of this type of small arms there. For example, in 17 — the beginning of the 19th century this weapon military seriously considered an excellent alternative to firearms, as he had a lot of advantages compared to powder guns, namely: he had much greater accuracy and rate of fire, it was insensitive to adverse weather conditions, he was less noise and no smoke when fired, which unmasked arrow, etc. Then you will talk about the classification of pneumatic internal and tell us about it A. K. Ivanov - officer of the online store of goods for hunting:, where you can buy a variety of air guns as well .


Types of pneumatic

  • Gas airsoft guns. For throwing bullets in it is used WITH2 (the gaseous phase of carbon dioxide). She comes with removable reservoir with built-in bottle perenapravlenii;
  • Pneumatic weapon. In it the main spring is compressed due to energy of the battery;
  • pruzhinno-piston pneumatic. The compressed air used for throwing slugs in the air is formed when the shot due to the motion of a massive piston inside the cylinder is accelerated using the expandable spring;
  • Getpluginname air guns. Therein a compressible gas plays the role of coil springs
  • Compression air guns. In such a weapon when the shot is released the compressed air to shoot bullets (which is in the storage chamber). In this chamber the air is pumped by hand by means of a pump (which is located on the weapon) right before the shot. The Pneumatics of this type is compression (when manual pumping is performed by one platoon of the pump) and multicompression (when hand pumping is done by multiple platoons of pump)
  • its air reservoir air guns. In the Pneumatics the compressed air used for shots coming from the tank located on the gun. The tank is filled with compressed air from external sources such as tanks of helium or compressed air, high pressure compressors (electric or manual);
  • on the chucks Pneumatic. This weapon use special reusable cartridges filled with compressed air. The designs of such weapons like firearms;
  • electro pneumatic weapons. This air contains a combustible item, which has the ability to communicate with the compressed gas. Directly after the shot, this element burns in the compressed gas;
  • Pneumatics with fuel gas. She is the transitional link from airguns to firearms. As propellant is used of gasoline-air mixture, a mixture of butane-propane with air. It is possible to conduct automatic fire.

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