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What are the technologies of well drilling

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as long as there is civilization, there is a need in the water. 

Factors influencing the choice of methods of drilling:

  • Potential resource intake;
  • the depth of the aquifer;
  • different geological conditions 

Nyneshnie technologies provide the ability to drill deep wells, different flow rate and high water quality for many decades.

the Well

This is “rare” method of water extraction. The diameter of the borehole to the well often is 80 cm - 1.5 m. the Widespread use of this method due to minimal mechanization for drilling and the fact that water from the well you can get almost anywhere. Hole 4 - 12 m you can dig even by hand, but this is not always grateful and truly hard labor, because there is a risk to get a massive hard rock or quicksand. This method is that you need to install on ocheredi a few W/b rings and dig up the soil inside them.

Well on sand

Is a relatively shallow well with a diameter of 7.6 cm - 21.5 cm, which does not reach the aquifer and, most often, is located at a depth: 15 - 40 m. In the case of coarse sand need to use a filter (perforated pipe wrapped with mesh braid weave). It is difficult to predict the service life of such wells. It heavily depends on the groundwater level and ranges from a couple of years to a few decades.

Rotary drilling method

It is also called cable-rotary drilling. It is the destruction of the brown rocks with a constant supply of water. The rotation of the drill comes either from motor vehicles (via PTO) or by the rotor, which is mounted on the engine deck of the rig. In order to strengthen borehole walls using casing, and after installation the continue drilling using roller bits smaller than the first size drilling. This type of drilling is used for wells < 55 m.

Auger drilling

rotary drilling "dry", used for drilling in soft loamy soils (depth up to 50 m). The auger is welded structure of the tape spiral shape and steel pipe. It destroys the breed, supplied to the mouth of the well to the surface of the screw conveyors. It install tools with rigid fixation, which is why this method does not allow to drill loose or very hard rock. Rock cutting element is either bit 2 or 3 cutters, or drill equipment.

Abyssinian the well

Represents the borehole to 30 m to Organize such wells only in the case when the piezometric level is not more than 8 m (it, in turn, set the pump). If the water mirror is deep, then you need to bury the pump.

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