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Kidney disease continue for decades, very often - asymptomatic

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"Can you live with transplanted kidney? Can - on dialysis. But, to prevent this, in many cases, a timely address to the doctor, " believes chief non-staff nephrologist, Department of health regional state administration, head of nephrological center, regional clinical hospital named after M. V. Sklifosovsky Natalia.

why "refuse" to work the kidneys, how to prevent it, and how to learn to respect their illness, if she has already arrived, our conversation with the doctor. You can also more information about the kidneys be found on the website: .


 Natalia, why the kidney may be at risk?

most Often nephrological problems start after suffering a sore throat, faringite, sinusitis, tonsillitis, oral cavity problems. Usually a sore throat causes beta-hemolytic streptococci, which has a lot of varieties. The craftiness is that the environment for existence, it subsequently chooses the kidney tissue. Therefore, if a person with a sore throat in time will appeal to an ENT specialist, will be treated with antibiotics, after two weeks on the problem to forget.

When the deregistration to Laura or therapist it is necessary to measure blood pressure (it always accompanies kidney problems), and General urine analysis. If the protein content in the urine exceeds the minimum standard (0,033 mg / l in a single serving), it is necessary to immediately assign a daily urine test to determine the loss of protein per day.

Morning urine is often "biased" - night the man is warm, calm, increases the blood flow to the kidneys, they work much better. People passed the morning of analysis and went to work. The work is varied, say, a driver, a loader. So the day ​​the tests will show very different results. The beginning of the development of the disease is crucial: glomerulonephritis cure is still possible in the initial stages, when it has no clinical manifestations.

If this point is not "catch", the process becomes chronic. From chronic glomerulonephritis people, unfortunately, are not cured, the kidney tissue begins to atrophy, and after a few decades will inevitably develop renal failure.

Acute pyelonephritis is better because man is hurt in your lower back (right or left) begins with fever, raised body temperature, the patient goes to the doctor. Therefore, the acute form rarely becomes chronic.


What are the renal complications can occur in pregnancy?

When the nephrologist at the reception asks a pregnant woman, in most cases on the issue of kidney problems in the past, she answers in the negative. In the urine 18-20-year-old expectant mother has all the indicators. And swelling and high blood pressure.

These same symptoms has pregnancy complications, and it threatens the loss of a child - onset preeclampsia. To establish a definitive diagnosis very difficult and treatment is diametrically opposed. Preeclampsia usually develops in 20-30 weeks of pregnancy.

There are only three types of preeclampsia pregnant after childbirth:

  • First - recovery, which in a month will confirm the results.
  • the
  • the Second swelling will go down, the tests are normalized, but the pressure will remain forever and transformed in essential hypertension. The rest of my life have to be treated by a cardiologist.
  • the
  • and the Third flows into the disease chronic pyelonephritis or glomerulonephritis with all its consequences.

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