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How to cook a delicious RAF-coffee?

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Especially popular among the coffee-based cocktails is RAF-coffee. It is prepared now in many cafes and in each according to its special recipe. Classically RAF-called the coffee cocktail with coffee, milk, cream and vanilla syrup. If you order this cocktail at a caf?, you'll make it espresso-based and all of the above ingredients that interfere together with the aid of a steam crane is such a device, as .


But you can prepare this cocktail at home and how to do it?

to enjoy the rough-and coffee houses to please his guests, you should make several simple steps:


Step 1

you Should choose a way of making coffee. If you have a home coffee machine - great, if not, that is fine, coffee made in a cezve, which is also rich in taste and aroma. It will also make your drink richer, because preparing coffee in Turku, you can add spices directly to Turku.

This can be ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, or lavender. If you don't have the Turks, the coffee can be cooked in any other way: in a French press, using aeropress, or just Zapara (but be sure to strain from Fusu).


Step 2

Again, if you have an espresso machine, it is possible to finish the preparation of the cocktail will not be difficult. Just let the pitcher into the espresso, add milk or cream (or both), vanilla sugar, or cane and vanilla. Then all of these ingredients, whisk with the aid of a steam crane machine.

If you are preparing coffee in Turku or other method, make sure you strain it to get rid of Fusu, then add warm milk, cream, sugar and vanilla and whisk all the ingredients using a pastry whisk  lather. This foam makes RAF-coffee is extremely soft and delicate drink, with a unique creamy taste and pleasant aroma.


Step 3

to Submit RAF-coffee in tall transparent glasses, was a visible layer of foam. From the top you can sprinkle grated chocolate, cinnamon or cocoa. You can also use ready whipped cream.

Since its creation, the cocktail recipe has changed and improved. You can substitute sugar syrup or topping, and definitely not vanilla. It could be caramel syrup, ginger or lavender, all depends on your preferences and tastes.

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