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Who in the 1st place needs a proctologist?

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Area of medicine that studies, diagnoses and treats all diseases of the rectum and organs that is called the adjacent intestines, and the doctor dealing with these problems is called a proctologist. By the way, the most accurate name of this medicine is Coloproctology (because it captures and colon), but the generally accepted term yet - proctology.


Proctological diseases:

  • ulcer of the colon;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • abscess
  • colitis;
  • ulcer of the rectum;
  • incontinence
  • rectal prolapse
  • abnormal development of the rectum;
  • anal fissure
  • coccygeal cyst
  • polyposis
  • a malignant neoplasm.

When you may need the assistance of a proctologist

might need to treat some disease, and prevention. To do this, the conclusion is that the proctologist not only cures the disease manifested itself, and in time reveals it. Thus, the proctologist is needed in such cases:

  • when the mucosa of the rectum comes out;
  • after a bowel movement when you see traces of blood;
  • when in the perianal region purulent discharge is observed;
  • when in the perianal area swelling;
  • when in the anus the bumps appear;
  • with long-term constipation;
  • if you feel pain in the anal canal;
  • in regular diarrhea;
  • when you are worried about itching in the rectum
  • from the anus if you have had mucous secretions;
  • when redness of anus;
  • if you feel in the anal canal some foreign body;
  • when uderzenie of feces.

proctology Also includes the elimination of the causes that provoke the development of proctologic diseases. That's why the doctor-proctologist women need during pregnancy and immediately after childbirth. Because many women in this period one can observe the symptoms of hemorrhoids, constipation and other diseases that he treats. It is also a women and during menopause, when hormonal imbalances often develop all kinds of disease.

Also in the proctologist need and people with excess body weight, those who have long stays in a sitting position, and those whose activity is connected with lifting weights. Also, in order to prevent this doctor and those people who have undergone proctologic surgery . Also proctologist is able to diagnose rectal cancer in patients aged 40 years and more, whose close relatives are previously sick with this disease.

If you treat people the categories listed above, but you have no clear symptoms proctology diseases, proctologist then you need for prophylactic purposes, as pathology in this area can be very long to develop and does not manifest itself. So do not hesitate, from time to time visit the doctor-the proctologist in the future because it will save you from serious problems with your health!

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