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Why you need a landing Paige

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Paige's Landing (the landing) comes from the 2 English words Landing (to land) and Page (page) — this is the target web page, where Lida lead (potential customer) with advertising. If you have a service or product that everyone needs, then creating a landing page will be the best option for their promotion to the masses. By the way, to order inexpensive, you can on the website:


Purpose landing

Today the abundance of information makes create a more subtle and precise methods of presenting information that could potentially lead buyer, customer, or customer for goods or services. The main postulates of these methods are: maximally compact the presentation of information in visual and textual form, the use of large headlines, simple infographics and illustrations. The purpose of the landing — to interest the visitor in 5-7 seconds. and to motivate him that he had committed some action. Landing Paige is optimized only under the necessary keywords, and which gives the opportunity to quickly convey information as accurately as possible and to bring potential customers from the search engines.


Lead - what is it?

Lead (lead) is called the potential buyer, who came from the target page. In advertising and sales "lead" means expression of interest from a potential buyer or a tip to a potential buyer. Ie, ultimately, lead — that the contact of the buyer or it can be some of the characteristics that emerged as a result of filling out the form on the landing page (gender, age, Hobbies, etc.). In the end, the Landing Page is the "collectors" of potential buyers (ladogeneratory). Collect leads - this is the main purpose of the landing.


traffic Sources on a landing page:

  • banners
  • teasers
  • contextual advertising
  • form fields
  • advertorials
  • mailing services.

What are the types of leads:

  • Target. They are focused on a response from the client (order, purchase);
  • Consumer. They need to collect information about potential client.

What belongs to the lead:

  • registration on the advertiser's site;
  • the calculation of the order on the calculator;
  • checkout
  • the questionnaire form.

You may ask why we are so detailed in the leads. And we do it because for them and create landing pages. The Americans say: "Landing pages lead potential customers". If translated into Russian language, we get the following: "landing pages lead potential customers".


Structure of a landing page

in fact, Landing Page is a single page website. Often, it without any menu, but is characterized by a step-by-step view step-by-step and understanding by the visitor of the essence of the landing. Eventually, the website leads the visitor to the form you need to fill. Once he does, the owner of the landing to receive information about the potential buyer. That should include the landing page:

  1. the company's Logo, slogan service or product and header, but it is not important
  2. a Small paragraph of text that describes the essence of the product and services;
  3. call to action (to read about the product or service in more detail), it often is a large button that, when clicked, the web page scrolls to a more detailed description of the product or service;
  4. a Detailed description of the product or services. Often used: small paragraphs, simple and large infographics, simple illustrations and large headings;
  5. call to action (learn the value of a product or service). This can be a newsletter subscription about the product, filling out a form pre-order, etc.
  6. a Mini-questionnaire or form, the filling of which gives the holder of landing a potential buyer;
  7. Besides your phone and forms, low other contact information.

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