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Modern methods of cancer treatment in the last stage

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Features of radioembolization

Radioembolization metastases of such a body as the liver is usually indicated for such well-known disease like cancer it is the 4th stage. By this method doctors perform intravascular catheterization of blood vessels of this organ directly under the control of angiography and embolization mandatory wedjat particles with yttrium-90. Isotopes always remain active for 64 hours.


Everyone knows that today such a disease as cancer is, unfortunately, one of the more popular. Therefore, in order to know how to treat it properly you need to understand what are the modern techniques. also occurs with use of these technologies.


What is monoclonal antibodies?

Monoclonal antibodies, in turn, subjected to the death of all cells of a malignant tumor, thus selectively acting directly upon them. Antibodies are usually administered intravenously. For example, these include imutran and Erlotinib, which the doctor prescribes in the treatment of cancer namely colon, and the drug SU11248, which is prescribed for cancer of the human stomach.


Main mechanism of action chemoembolization microspheres

Chemoembolization with microspheres – is a known method in which all explicit anticancer drugs, as well as microspheres with immobilizovannym means of chemotherapy, is always inserted into the artery of a person that begins to Harbor metastases.


Indications for this method of chemoembolization:

  • Expressed considerable liver damage;
  • the
  • Inoperable tumors
  • the
  • Tough associated diseases namely somatic organs.

Individual antitumor vaccines

the Production of many individual antitumor vaccines usually are made to always with surgery necessary to remove a considerable volume of the tumor. This removed tissue begin to grow a cell culture, and from the blood leukocytes of the patient with cancer begin to excrete lymph dendritic cells. In laboratories conduct their learning directly to respond to the antigens of this tumor, and, in the end, produced the vaccine, which helps individually to protect the patient against future metastases and other recurrences.


Radiofrequency RF-ablation of liver tumors

All indications for radiofrequency RF-ablation of body tumors such as liver – this, primarily, primary tumors of this organ and the metastases, which have a diameter less than 5 cm During the later stages of the cancer colorrectal the treatment is carried out in this method together with other methods and are generally considered global standards. In the case where the cancer is located near the portal vein, huge bile duct or gallbladder, the technique of radiofrequency RF-ablation is absolutely contraindicated in patients.



Laparotomy, or for the removal of infiltration of the cancer generally include a radiofrequency RF-ablation. This technique gives the opportunity to significantly expand all the readings directly to the treatment of surgical methods all patients who suffer a huge number of neoplastic lesions of the body such as the liver.

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