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Infertility: causes and treatments

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indicator of the level of infertility today are quite high. Almost every fifth family has a problem with fertilization, so they are forced to go to the doctors. Moreover, the causes of infertility by 50 percent depend on the health of women, and by 50 – of men. So couples who cannot have children, should seek the assistance of specialists in time. After all, the older the woman, the more difficult the treatment. It is also important that the introduction of a pregnancy, in turn, requires good supervision of experts. 

the Main reasons for the increased number of infertile couples

the reason for the increased number of infertile couples is the increased incidence and awareness about where to turn with problem of infertility. After all, young people today receive their information and media, and the Internet.

in Infertile couple are both women and men. And it happens that the cause of inability to have a child in both partners. Lead to infertility mainly inflammatory and endocrine diseases. Not the last role in this play and General malaise due to the poor environment, food, water, air. Up to 18% of infertile couples with primary infertility (diagnosis, if a woman in a pair within one-two years of living together can not get pregnant) cannot help, only to get the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. This is a very good result. If this does not help, then recommend the latest reproductive technologies.

What distinguish the new reproductive technologies?

First of all, this is a relatively new technique - vitrification, i.e., instantaneous freezing of embryos for in vitro fertilization (IVF). For fertilization using a single embryo, and all the others in frozen form are stored - in case I need another procedure. This, as the doctors say that helps to avoid unintended pregnancy more than one baby. Vitrification also allows you to freeze the embryos when a woman is biologically a young age, and which can be subsequently used at a Mature age. Many people have already probobaly data method, and they become very happy. As for the female body to have a baby at 25 or 40 years - a big difference. You can check it for yourself, if you read the reviews on eco or visit the website: .

Believe it or not, but there are women who cannot give birth to 25. They make a career and postpone motherhood. Of course, they're entitled to it, but the body is aging. Therefore, in 27 or 28 years old can be vitrificate egg, and many years to come and get the child genetically young material. Even if the person is ready for the role of the father has appeared only now.


As we can see, the main causes of infertility can in hiding in men and in women. To early to extract necessary in the first place, undergoes a medical examination at the respective centers. Remember that the main thing to believe and then you will become mom and dad!

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