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Yakima has got to be children maydanchik

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Blessthe children maydanchik in Ukraine rablet wrong. Of course, buuut vinacke, especially lately, but in zagalni Mas all wrong. At TSE, scho children maydanchik, surely, namasole element will be improved in the country. Can zahtevati parks, sportivnimi maidencane, dochenku areas, but children maydanchik guilty Buti in skin Dvor. I don't pokusavati ACS detach maydanchik, so wee I know the Yak stench of vigladit, and hto not Mauger knows podivitis preclude on site: .


So the Yakima he be guilty?

I savedi ocenjuju children maydanchik for CLICOM pokusniki: BEZPEKA, trust, kreativnosti, dostupnosti and design. We have more often oblious Tim, scho in the middle of the courtyard provide klika zalesny designs, farbauti they have jahlil colors I crashaw in the case kladut around gamovo tile, so vdtuv about with come security. Lately on the Ukraine all masova provide ascrew wooden houses Odnotan mestechka, proektov dorosoma, which, sudachi design, very obrezali in distinct. The th scho govoriti, mi W W of your virosli same in such children maydanchik: pesochnitsa, zalizna pavucina, God forbid ere commiss Bula ABO Grocka goydalka and good, yakscho stink pracovali.


But why actually boules ) , a very maydanchik, on which virosli mi s of you?

  • firstly, we all fear for children. Namagayutsya struvite grow prostori so, so zachistit detenu from among at sviti;
  • secondly, projektuoti C the same maydanchik dorol I stink versaute, Yakima has got to be this proster.

I for example not for those, so to proektuvannya children maydanchik was zamuchali children, well ABO capitali b are Dumka, the AJ children, the stench in the Perche Cherga colock, osobitost, although I kids. The aja sama im the this play it on the Maidan. And we, doroslych, - NaBr stamps. Powered blesst doroslych, Yakima guilty Buti children maydanchik? First you deduce vdpug, there scho mayut bootie escrow colors, im needs activist, the stench of sublet goydalka Grci, but podrn rozvagi predstavljajut for them great nebezpeku. To create you need to start adding some of bespechny corral, razhabboi in escrow colors, de b children have played punim pid control for sabumnim dorosoma scanarm. HBA W CE right?

in Accordance W docey children rozumna happiness state Varanasi that is why, Yak Yogo to bacati Doral. Z as it turned out, that nyselius children in prozhivayut Nina mstah I areas. This is due to the Perche Cherga W Tim, that in such places children accuvote yourself most wlno. Children hochut own Gulati and play it, viberate, z Kim I de to do C, W sprchovaci nature, be Polnochnyj participants susplugas life. Children of Vola potrebuyut at gr I spikeman.

Sama via GRU PSN navkolishn the child's world. Via GRU the child uchitsya life. Little man uchitsya: to be independent, datnow Primate VRN Committee, domitia Svoge, reticulate, bigravity and programati, you, nabovati Gul, sprchovaci, razumeti Yak vestaveny of the world, I vstavite out further. Is a number of, that doodat, that children, possable opportunities of reticulate, realshout Qiu needful in maibutnyogo " ( pdout itself transcendent newbranchname the risk.


take That risk for children?

TSE method of nauchitsya samoperedelny to be-which situat. Of course, in Ukraine chimala opportunities, that duty children together proster for the risk.... On the Maidan, storename because of the calm, doroslych, children perestayut really ocenivat so Seeley. Modern children of trimout injuries castle, than papered generation, the fact scho stink not everyone knows, how itself to conduct in extreme situat. Yak groupoffice, if pads. Pamoate nebezpeku "vnutren the look".

Now Dorel wihout individuality, Yak zwykla of domati I vdovine and potrebu formation of knowledge for Neji V. scenario a comfort. In such umovy foldable wirasti of spavinaw schaslivym I statnim to labour and creativity. Because htose already inventing for you, Yak to you Buti masliuk, and this may be dastam.

I think, that to proektuvannya children maydanchik, need calucate the children themselves. Maydanchik povinn figure out mozliwosci all the children together to play it one Proctor. * In any case can not razdelyat Gro children W picname psychonomy osoblivosti (obojeni at Rusi, downv, etc. autisti ") ( zvychajna children, Yak TSE was from us.


That take children maydanchik?

TSE, in Perche Cherga place for the baby, the Yak vicono duzhe vazhlivo function - da fsica navantazhennya, rozwaga I navca. Not Varto Ob dovuti all functions in one MSC. Need also dati mckim children together mozliwosci populatia W nature, ie play with pscom and water, etc. trav I Need figure out children together mozliwosci substantiated reticulate.

children maydanchik di children together, which do mozliwosci: vkljuciti imagination when vibor script Gris, perevet on mcnasty, psaty navkolishn world can wagati dealim, but he is guilty Buti in the world navchanni, attractive, bezicnim " so, what do mozliwosci resignati. Risk - TSE RC, neophane for development, but he is guilty Buti parnis.

of Course, tipow maydanchik to do prosthe. Having bought all quotcity mstack city, putting a tick - and all. After the robot chinovniks ocenyat for many maydanchik set, not they quality. Nevie ale stink not everyone knows, that have good maydanchik not zavzhdi dorogon?

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