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How to make our sleep more robust

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All people want a good night's sleep. Moreover, to make a strong and useful simply. To do this, first and foremost, you need to know about a few simple rules.


use only Underwear made of natural fabrics

to Whom pleasantly will Wake up in the night or even morning from what someone sweat? To avoid this, it is better to choose a bed made from natural fabrics. She, unlike synthetics, it wicks moisture well away from the body. Also I recommend to choose the soft color because then you can quickly fall asleep with a pleasant feeling! Remember that in any case no need to skimp on bedding, because, of course, depends not only your health, but also health. By the way, can help you to choose not only beautiful lingerie, but also that which has the highest quality. As for me, it's priceless.


Nice bed

On the old, creaking or sagging bed to sleep quite difficult. A new bed will give your dream as much as 45 minutes. By the way, the mattress definitely need to be replaced every 7 years.


Ventilated room

When a person falls asleep, the body temperature reaches optimum for each level. Temperature plays a huge role for a good sleep. If the room is too hot to sleep you will be quite not comfortable. Optimum, ventilate the room, so at night the room temperature was from +18 to +24 degrees.


Turn off your phone

Unexpected phone calls and SMSes in the middle of the night ... Probably there is no person that has bypassed such "happiness". Moreover, radiation from mobile does not allow the body to fully fall asleep. So, waking up in the morning and feel overwhelmed. Off the phone or handset that is where away, is another key to good sleep.


don't make your bed every morning

So, each of us were taught in childhood to make our bed every morning. But in reality there is a BUT! Nesselande bed is better ventilated, and thus not created favorable conditions for breeding parasites, including ticks.


Dim lights

Bright light before bedtime reduces by almost 2 times the production in the human body's melanin (the hormone responsible for sleep). 2 hours before sleep is a bit dim all the lights in the apartment. Not to forget that is necessary to dim the lights, and install a regulator - it gradually reduces the lights in the house.


a Warm shower or bath

Finally, to really sleep well, you can take a warm bath or shower. This will relax your body and allow you to forget about the negativity of the day. Warm water you set your own body on the mind a rest.

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