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What take out a loan?

February 04 2016

Credit - CE suspen relationship, that between ustanovlyuvalysya credit organzas that basicallya W drive peredach transfer from the creditor psycholgical at wyglad posici on Pivnich the umovy. Ukladeni dogovr propis very position, which amounts to a Yak, perednih transfer, terms nadannya loan, vinegared creditor. For some people credit price gitta neophane, without ACO stench is not predstavlyayut powinno life, and other credit - end of SOS on zrazok borkowo s, Yak stench of namagayutsya abiti USA mozliwie the highways. More information about chips you can dantica on site:


Credit relationship can Primate rsement the form, for example:

  •     Commercial
  • the
  •     Lsing;
  • the
  •     Factoring
  • the
  •     Potica;
  • the
  •     Bankowski.


Credit vicono klika znacznik functions in economc:

  1. Peronospora function. TL function to zahoditi their virginna Yak on RWN individual pdprimstvo and sectors, and on run of the national (okremo the state) and swova economy.
  2. the
  3.  formation of knowledge of kreditnih snared zvernennya, Yak function loan has got place link NavNet banksia systems I. together with her, posyannya butgotta rozrahunkiv I vzaimnyh Zobov'yazan scho prispelo to appe zasobu OBU the payment.
  4. the
  5.  Wtterwulghe function - proyavlyaetsya in two ways that is nastupny points: on the one hand, producing kreditnih transfer stimulu development of paprika TA zabezpechennya diyalnosti of virobnictva, and W hogo - negative poznakomica on sabartes, knave CN first hour on quality products.


Vartti, that peredaetsa from lender to psychalgia, may be represented by ​​in different forms: grochowy, tovarni ABO zmeny.

  • Penny loan form ? most zvicinou h point Zora ndeva. TSE transmission in aristofane hi osob groshovi transfer W they Podolsk povernennya in blesome Rosmer. Undoubtedly, scho Taka form of kreditnih vdesign is the most posilenoyu in modern economic realities. Widely poseren Yak mid picnic persons, and yuridichnih persons, powers of I in soundname torgovelna oborot.
  • the
  • form of a Commodity loan - Storico Persha, z avilas to the development of grochowa vanasin. I rol Ob CTA obmenu vistupali pawn goods (grain, thinness, suitable for I. T. D.), creditors - Volodar Dana predmetu, that could podletaya nadlique. In umovy please let us know of obgovarivaete povernennya product in blesome obsas (CISL natural the bark). Now Taka form vanasin vykorystovuyutsia when postac product W vasterskog payment, Arend (ABO procat) lane, sale in rassrochku, Ling, Tovarna posit I Powerthis etc., generally, the same W Maino (ABO analogni the Yom) W dodatkowo payment or without Neji, but in deyakih vipadkah the Borg to the creditor powerthis the Costa, and in such case, you can govoriti about smeno the form of a loan.
  • the
  • Zmena form loan podno in sobi RISS poperedni two forms. Very relationship mayut place link, for example, producing groshovi gotowkowe transfer, and transfer from wyglad goods (often vykorystovuyutsia in international agreements and economic vansina) or, on the contrary, groshovi rozrahunok cool game through an hour after delivery product (sales product in rassrochku, for example).

Translated by "Yandex.Translate": translate.yandex.ru.

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Author: Надя Андрійчук

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