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5 arguments for the installation of video surveillance system for store

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In small clothing stores, grocery stores, and large chain supermarkets have a constant flow of visitors and money. All business owners want to protect themselves from potential threats and avoid risks, among which the most frequent are: assault, theft, robbery, theft from employees, inadequate customer behavior. To get rid of such problems in several ways, one of which – is a video surveillance system. It's certainly not a panacea, but for high-quality protection store, it is simply irreplaceable.

let's try to understand why the owner of any store, you must invest in a video surveillance system and what benefits he can get in the end. Will help us to understand Novikov A. N. Manager of the online store: .


Five reasons why the retail outlet cost to install a CCTV system:

  1. deterrent. Everyone knows that even the inscription on the fence: "Caution in the yard, a vicious dog" has a deterrent effect, even if in fact it is not there. Surveillance cameras in the store have the same effect – not every thief will go on the offense, if he knows that his removed on video. Not to get in a shot – is an art. So in 99% of cases the thief will choose the store easier, one in which there is no surveillance, no guards;
  2. theft Prevention. The video surveillance system, of course, did not catch the culprit hand, if you try to steal, but instead you will be able to react. Security cameras are your eyes and ears. With their help, you can monitor sales floor and, specifically, for places where there is the most expensive and valuable commodity. Most effectively this system works in tandem with physical security;
  3. control over the actions of your staff. Everyone knows the saying, “Trust but verify", but not every shop owner is critical to the work of their subordinates. And it is in vain: because of looking through the lens of the camera behind the behavior of cashiers and salespeople in the workplace, you can learn about them many interesting things. Surveillance system gives you the ability to control the actions of employees while dealing with customers, unloading and reception of goods, cash payments. Knowing about the presence of monitoring cameras in the store, your employees will be more disciplined;
  4. Keeping archives. Very often in controversial situation, shop owners regret not having recorded it on video. If you have a complaint about your store (the buyer broke a very valuable thing and refuses to pay for it, the seller was behaving correctly or incorrectly gave delivery at the checkout), then you will be video able to prove the other party;
  5. video Surveillance over the Internet. In that case, if you have opened a large trade network, then most likely, you will be hard to keep track of the work shops which are located in different parts of the city, and what can we say about individual regions. Here to help the entrepreneur come with digital technology. So, installing a video surveillance system in his shop, its branch abroad or in another region, you will be able to remotely monitor the operation of the trading point on your tablet PC or smartphone. This will save money and time on a regular round of stores.

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