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Gel Polish Shellac for your nails

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Gel Polish for your beautiful nails today - the most desirable and modern innovation to all lovers of quality manicure,  as the name implies, it is directly  gel, and varnish at the same time. Such a modern varnish contains a great advantage of both components: it is very stable as the gel, and it is much brighter, but also it is very good and easy to remove, like varnish.

Winning their  March through the great expanses of the CIS gel Polish started with a unique product under CND Shellac beautiful name, which today has become common to a whole group of different brands of this similar product. You can't even say that this is just a modern novelty, as their designs in this unique direction has been conducted for more than ten years ago, and in that time all manufacturers were willing to offer to the market ready gel Polish. By the way, you can buy at very low prices.


What you need to do with nails before applying gel Polish?

Your nails for the application of gel lacquer, you should always cook with great care. You never recommended to do before any modern oil and moisturizing treatment for your nails, as gel Polish is very sensitive to the quality of your nail plates and, of course, the presence of her or even in her oily substance has a very negative impact on the whole quality of the coating.

for the simple application of gel Polish to the nail surface need to very carefully degrease with a good special tool for this. You need it to handle abrasive tools. It is in order to your manicure turned out just perfect, gel nail Polish should always be applied it is applied over a dry base gel that is certainly applied on a degreased and well-aligned your nail plate. You should also pay attention to all the cuticles - they ​​should be pretty minimal, since their presence can cause rapid detachment of the gel lacquer.


How to apply gel nail Polish?

so, even after applying a base gel you should dry it under the UV lamp for one minute, or even under a simple led lamp for just 10 seconds. At this time there is  the polymerization of just a base coat, then quickly you can apply your color gel lacquer.

a darker color of the coating depends on the amount of all deposited layers: in one layer the gel nails will create a semi-transparent tone, but in several layers - it will be much intense and bright. The modern color gel lacquer should be applied efficiently to very long moves and each layer is dried under a unique UV or led lamp.


the Last step of applying gel nail Polish

The final touch is the application of a topcoat of varnish, which efficiently performs its protective function. The finish gel is also well dried under the lamp, then quickly remove the sticky top layer with the help of special funds.


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