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Map of sobi Wapiti, Yak at Rusi would live without potato. Need diakuvaty Peter I for privs I positiv scho Yogo for all Meritor Russia! Of course, niesmaczne potatoes TSE, Yak ti virostav. / W kublanow not even parunas! And the potato skin sort of your own nepovtorim gusto. Sadownik realno pdbedit sortie W Araguaney they ndial smakova needs. I, for example, duzhe podobayutsya sortie potato W goutou m akoto, ln I ti, scho not rassipautsya. By the way, more information you can read on site: .


RSN sposobi virasena potato

So sadownik, strike so I sposobu wirewound potato. Blesst gorodnik brobst Yogo slicnim - klasicnim way W bulb planting in the ground, pagitan, weeding etc. But I , I ti, hto love experimentati. ODN wirewool Yogo pid snom, and other - in mscih, try gotout W osen the small ditches I zakladatel tudi roslynn Zaleski, and then visacuity tudi bulbi, suruchi pristin Vraja. That b sposobi mi not zastosowanie when wirewound our another HLB - all stink spreman, in the Perche Cherga, paviment rotocast dlanc on the ground. Neji sama from saleeite, which harvest mi saremo. Blesst sadownik through marriage organic Dobrev in ways pokerscout quality of the soil. However, it is very trucost come in. Me problems W pridannym brass nkoli as it may, the fact I detritous of almost klasicnih sposobu wirewound bulb.


the First experience shows

Wirawati your potatoes all of us musila crisis of 90th years. Initially the company produced mesajului prorok bulbi for salescom principle, that bought in magasin for j. Vintage CCB msemi, but sortovyh bulb in one hour nemozhlyvo was pridbati.

Pers sortie potato, that Brazil defenders recordnum harvest, boules Santa I Desire. W on one rosliny zbirali 33-35 bulb (s dvoh Roslyn, vihodila desyatiletnego vdro W gray). TL bulb number is for mene the beer standard when vibor sortv potato that when vabrikuvaljak neurogenic Roslin. Bulbi boules great, runime, chistymi I am smacznie.

Rosline CIR sortv Patna varanasis from other potato plantings that town: Kush Potwin, the big leaves I they are located parallel gate panel, CDI Ter boules much blimi. Rossini potato, Yak Vyskov on parade, stood in a row, and TL part of the city of vyglyadela duzhe osato. Dlance we have then PDR is control via oswan I rozrobka - only that the earth svelnis from trav anisto roslinnosc, the soil docheva, I don't Bulo niyakoho hvorob. Roducti the ground of dovodilos sorce pavimenti. For addition Likouala a number of holes, sipala tudi on two gmen the compost I periploca brass, SPCU NPK, 2 dining rooms of a spoon "Span". All purpose hand peremskoe, pricipal the ground, rozkladai over bulbi, that then siripala a handful of the compost. And sverhu rake pdhal the ground. After appe shadw DVC pdigital potatoes.

The land , watered, and at the beginning of ztn DVC pagadala Rakim gnam W tervalon 10 days. After CNA the potatoes watered Rogelim Roschino marganti pid skin Kush. Dovodilos Polonaise potato many rasv. The first harvest sbreli then velichini, although, that planted 10 bulbs of skin sort. Later dsalsa, that all hollandsk sortie potato vimagati the high agrotechnic of action, that I m boules nadan. Zgoda of doverosa vdovets from sortv CIR. Desire viyavivsya nestack to Vettori, and Santa shodam becoming virgularia, and its not dowho was on sale, so naviti pohadkovy material. Ale zaraz grade Santa znovu Zima poczesna place in momu Gorod.

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