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What is a dehumidifier and use that

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Remember that in ambient air the moisture is always present. But what if it there is present in excessive quantities? Alternatively, you can ventilate the room. But it is only suitable for warm weather. And what to do when it's very cold or ventilation to organize cannot for technological or other constraints? There is only 1 right decision – to buy a dehumidifier! Also it is necessary to buy and when humidity is in:

  • cold room
  • warehouse and production areas (wood processing, leather and food industry, etc.)
  • a public building, country house, apartment, office;
  • bath, pool, sauna.

a Dehumidifier is an electrical device which is intended for lowering humidity in industrial processes or in buildings. Optionally, the dehumidifier can perform heating and air cleaning and can be paired with a ventilation system. The principle of operation of the dryer is based on 2 physical processes – adsorption and condensation. In the 1st case, the excess moisture absorbed in the rotating rotor, through which is pumped directly and the air, and the second is condensed on the cooled radiator. These processes can employ at the same time as the 1st device, and separately. By the way, buy dehumidifier air you can in the online store: .


Where used dehumidifiers of different types?

  • Adsorption (rotary) dryers. They are mainly used in the industry. They are widely used for osasivat the air during various technological processes (drying of agricultural products, food, medicinal plants, fish, etc.). Using adsorption dehumidifiers you can easily control the humidity in storage and production premises of any condition and size;
  • Condensing-evaporative dehumidifiers. Are 1 of the most common types. By design is a channel system which is located inside the refrigeration unit that operates at a safe freon. Despite the similarity in the device of air conditioner and dehumidifier, they have one main difference – this placement of the condenser and evaporator close to each other in the air flow which circulates. The scope of application of desiccants of this type is very extensive (and effective work in the domestic environment, as well as surgical drainage of air on construction sites, in workshops);
  • Dehumidifiers for swimming pools. They are a special category of the condensation-evaporation dehumidifiers. Due to the peculiarity of microclimate data pool dehumidifiers need to work with huge volumes of moist air. But domestic drier of this type is a compact device that enables highly effective "fight" with excessive humidity in small offices and residential spaces. He is mobile, which, in turn, allows you to easily move from 1st room to 2nd. When repairing the dryer will significantly reduce the time of execution "wet" work;
  • Combined air dehumidifiers. Design features of devices of this type allow them to work continuously for a very long time. These plants are often used in warehouses.

How to choose a dehumidifier?

the Choice of a particular model of dehumidifier largely depends on the size, area and type of premises where it directly will work. The main characteristic of dehumidifier is its performance. This shows how much water per time unit can remove dehumidifier at specific temperatures. In order to properly calculate the output of the air dryer need to know the temperature, room volume, the presence and effectiveness of ventilation, final and initial humidity, etc.).

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