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Women's leather briefcases

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it is Difficult to imagine a business woman at the official meeting with a plastic bag or a backpack, pulls out important documents. Such a scene can only cause confusion or laughter. Busy people are very carefully watching their wardrobe, every detail and accessory says a lot about a person, emphasizes his habits, status, way of communicating. To buy women's leather briefcase – this is the most important thing to do when preparing for an important meeting with business partners. Genuine leather – a noble, worthy material. It underlines the status, and a leather briefcase – evidence of high income and the seriousness of its owner. This accessory will make a positive impression on management or potential partners.

In its form , as, indeed, male, rectangular, sleek, without fussy details and attracting attention to the elements – nothing should interfere with serious negotiations. In the women's product a large front flap with snaps or straps, more like a classic male variant; frequently found models look similar to handbags of various colors with convenient handles for carrying, while not beyond the scope of business etiquette. Almost all models have a removable adjustable strap for carrying on the shoulder portfolio.

When buying a briefcase for the weaker sex should pay attention to:

  • power and convenience. Women's leather briefcase doesn't necessarily have to be big and bulky, the main – to shape and fit all the necessary papers. Large size is acceptable, if you plan to transfer your laptop or tablet. A sufficient number of pockets for small items is also important;
  • the quality of the leather and the stitching. For sewing expensive models use the skin only of the highest class (veal, beef or horse). It can be lacquered or matte, has a consistent structure and dressing. To check the quality of the material on the raw cut product. Lines externally, and inside is smooth, without gaps or loose threads. In qualitative models of women's leather briefcases-known manufacturers material handles same as main product: no plastic if the portfolio made of genuine leather.  the same applies to hardware - no plastic Chinese fakes, only durable and high quality metal.

to Wear women's leather briefcase should also be able to. Better make sure it matches in color to all items of clothing in the way. No need to fill the portfolio up, should not feel that you have just left the store and carry home groceries for dinner. Better part of the documents to bring in extra folder.

to Care for your skin in the product is easy: the contamination can be easily removed with a damp cloth. However, to keep the scorching sun women's leather briefcase for a long time is not recommended – it can lose brightness and fade a bit. For business accessory, this is unacceptable.

Where to buy such an important business for business lady women's leather portfolio?

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