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How to kill cockroaches in my apartment

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the Roaches are a serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately. Amazing is the fact that cockroaches are evolving about 400 million years. To date, only in the U.S. is 57 species of cockroaches. These insects live in our bathrooms, kitchens. They hide during the day and crawl out at night.


How to understand what's in your apartment settled cockroaches?

the Feces that look like brown eggs and / or black peppercorns - 1 are they a sign of the presence data of insects in the apartment. Because they thrive in warm and damp environment, they come out of their hiding places at night and eat everything you can find in the house. If you see an egg or a cockroach that was running across the room, then you need to take action, namely, you will need to spray for bugs.



If you don't know , then here are a few specific tips that will help you to get rid from these insects:

  • tip # 1. In this case, you do not need to spray for bugs. It will be enough just to get rid of food waste and standing water in the kitchen. Stagnant water in the kitchen sink or the bathroom is 1 place that attracts cockroaches. Also, using a vacuum cleaner to collect all the fallen food waste on the floor. In addition, it is necessary to clear all leftover food on the kitchen countertop, and the surface - disinfected;
  • tip # 2. Need to find all vulnerabilities, including: trash cans and boxes (which were a long time in one place), because cockroaches can easily hide in these places. These sites You should be kept scrupulously clean so that cockroaches are unable to find a gap or area for shelter. You need to be using duct tape to seal any cracks and crevices in your house that cockroaches had even the slightest opportunity to exit or enter;
  • tip # 3. In any case, do not leave the sink dirty dishes. Leftover food can attract cockroaches and only aggravate the situation. As soon as you finish to eat - immediately remove the dishes from the table, and clean the sink before leaving the kitchen;
  • tip # 4. To spray the cockroaches in his apartment - apply pesticides and sticky traps. It is best to apply the spray around the perimeter of your home. To destroy cockroaches in this way is the most convenient. You also need to prepare soapy water to wipe the drawers and cabinets inside. Next you will need to spray the pesticide in all the corners of the apartment and set sticky traps to Ryan dishwashers, fridge etc. Next, you need to regularly check sticky traps and getting rid of cockroaches caught in them.


Until then, until a professional exterminator and will not destroy roaches in your apartment once and for all, you can perform the above tips. It is not recommended to crush the cockroaches, because if you push the female with eggs, the latter will most likely remain sole on the sneaker and later hatch. Even well maintained and clean house from time to time may be subject to infestation by cockroaches. Before you spray for bugs you must understand their origins, because the only way you can be sure that they won't bother you anymore.    


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