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How to overcome fear of the dentist?

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are You afraid to visit the dentist? Do not worry, You are not alone in their dentophobia. Psychologists have established that three out of four suffers from a fear of visiting a dental clinic. But in recent times such people is becoming less. This process is greatly influenced by the achievements of modern science and technology. There are new drugs that are able to numb so that the person won't feel, dental offices and components with modern equipment, which greatly simplifies and accelerates work of the doctor.

there are still patients who are afraid to be treated at the dentists, but because these people need help to understand their fears when visiting the doctor. Some patients are so nervous in front of the door to the dental office that it significantly affects their health and prevents the physician quality fully treated. From this state of suffering by the patient. So you need not be afraid, and to care for themselves, to protect their teeth. More information visit the website: .

But millions of people suffer in vain in anticipation of dental pain, preferring to remove teeth instead of curing them. Quite often when you have pain in the tooth and after the use of pain medication a person takes a visit to the doctor, hoping that the pain will no longer bother. At the same time, the pathological process in the teeth, that showed pain, continues to develop rapidly. At any time of the day, the most important moment of life, the problem with the tooth back and can lead to serious complications in the oral cavity and overall body. In such cases, dental treatment will be more lengthy, complicated and the question of saving the tooth appears quite acute.

the Majority of people believes that the reason for all the fears before the visit to the dentist is a bad experience the first visit to the dental office in childhood. This is also facilitated by various terrible stories of friends and relatives, the negative image of a dentist in the movies, literature and cartoons.

Today, dental treatment can be quite painless. Modern methods and equipment are significantly reduce, and often completely deprived of pain in the treatment of teeth, gums. All your excitement and anticipation of pain help the pain or any complications that may appear suddenly during the treatment, will turn into a real problem. When do you expect that the procedure will cause pain, suffering, your brain and mind become more receptive and sensitive to even slight pain.

If you are concerned about fear of pain: what pain, how long it will last - this means that the pain you encounter faster than a person who tolerates the treatment. Any fear and stress cause the formation in the body hormone epinephrine is a peculiar response to stress. That's why the excitement may appear weakness, sweating, stomach discomfort and so forth.


How to understand their fears?

Try to ask yourself: are you afraid of the treatment at all, the atmosphere communication or the fact of visiting the doctor. Sometimes you subconsciously fear to be isolated in the dental chair. Fear can also cause burs, instruments, the noise of the drill, the inability to speak, the helplessness, the pain after the anesthesia wears off, or just fear of the unknown


What to do?

first, tell the doctor that you are afraid. Modern professionals will carefully listen to your concerns. It is very important to explain your feelings to the doctor and then easily and quickly it can be dealt with. The doctor may from time to time to interrupt your work, so you can get out of the chair and relax. Some doctors even have their methods of dealing with the "dental phobia". Don't hesitate to ask if you are unclear as to future manipulation, and the excitement will decrease, if you will know all the details and duration of treatment. Psychologists recommend to consult with your doctor about how to ease your suffering and to overcome fear. Understanding and mutual respect of the doctor and the patient to facilitate treatment, cause confidence and reduce anxiety before treatment.

Before visiting the dentist it is advisable to eat a heavy meal, acidic foods, so as not to increase salivation. Stimulating drinks (coffee, strong tea, etc.) do not contribute to the relaxation during the appointment. Food, rich in proteins, has a stabilizing effect on the blood sugar and reduce hunger-induced irritability. As moral support to visit the dentist you can invite a friend. You can distract yourself with autoanalgesia while listening to pleasant music or watching a film through video glasses, which doctors of modern dental clinics complement the cabinets.

you Can negotiate with the doctor about some kind of a signal to suspend the procedure. For example, a raised hand. Then you will have a sense of control of the situation. In the case of reducing the action of the anesthetic drug, its dosage can be increased. Be sure before applying you should inform the doctor about your health condition (presence of hypertension, allergic reactions, the transferred heart attacks, strokes, etc.).


a positive attitude is Very important for the treatment

Repeat to yourself: «I can do it", "very few”, “can I stop the procedure, if you feel uncomfortable’, ‘the Doctor also cares about my feelings".


How to deal with stress?

previously, Ask a dentist or physician, whom anaesthetic or sedative drugs can be used. If you are not able to cope with the fear of the dentist or their own actions, ask for hypnosis, psychological assistance to the appropriate specialist.


Fear blocks your senses, preventing you to live and enjoy life

Very much depends on you, your imagination. Fear must be defeated, it should drop! Under normal, good mood you come to the dentist with a smile. Smile! Smile will give you health. Be optimistic! There are no hopeless situations. All will be well! Pessimism is a disease, optimism is health. Take care of him!


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