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The connection between food and fitness

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In recent years the terms "nutrition" and "fitness" increasingly appear in our lives. At first glance, it seems that there is nothing complicated ... But this "first look" hides a complex dynamic relationship, and I plan to show it in this article. It is important to remember that should always be in first place in the athletes and not only. The information is taken mainly from publications and research of American scientists.

Fitness means being in good physical shape and healthy enough to perform certain exercises. Components of fitness:

  • Endurance of the cardiovascular and respiratory system;
  • the
  • Muscle power to do the job you need, without excessive pain;
  • the
  • Good physique and an associated low percentage of fat;
  • the
  • Good flexibility and ... is ... good sleep.

All these components of fitness are acquired or improved with regular physical activity and by the use of nutrients. To be in shape is actually not so difficult, but it is very important for every person.

cardiovascular activities - the ability of the heart and lungs to supply energy during continuous physical activity, the duration of which depends on their work.

Muscle strength - the ability to use muscle force in the case, which is very stressful for them, and further adaptation to the new conditions.

Muscular endurance - the ability to continue working longer without fatigue.

Good build is the structure of the body, with a fairly low body fat, good muscles and strong bones.

Flexibility is the person's ability to perform a movement with a given amplitude

Modern society is that more and more people lead a sedentary lifestyle. We sit at school, at University, at work, in the car, at home in front of the monitor ... And inadequate physical activity, poor nutrition, and lack of understanding of the dynamic Association of nutrition and fitness lead to overweight, and eventually obesity.


What is obesity?

obesity is a physique excess weight of fat in the body. I want to see that its aesthetic effect is the smallest of those evils which it brings. For example, a complete list of negatives associated with obesity:

  • Increased risk of early mortality;
  • the
  • Stroke
  • the
  • 2 Diabetes type
  • the
  • High blood pressure
  • the
  • Prone to frequent depression, etc.

How to get the perfect physique?

Perfect physique to acquire simple: move the whole day and very healthy diet. However, most people, like me, originally in connection with their professional activities, can't never afford. Anyone who wants to lose weight, should understand that to do this correctly, reducing the level of fat in the body so that muscle tissue remained intact or increased. You should start with simply to assess themselves and to understand in which zone you are in. Methods for measuring percent body fat are many: from finding the proportions between the different body size for easy weighing in the balance.


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