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Is it possible to create a family for HIV patients or addicts?

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According to the Family code, the family is the primary and basic unit of society. Socially and psychologically Mature person is aware that a family is a big step. The desire of two lovers to create a family - quite natural, however some feelings for that little. Family is still family responsibilities that the couple must be willing to share equally; it is domestic issues that require solutions; the care and upbringing of children.


Paternity can be consciously and unconsciously

In General, paternity is the process of ensuring that parents of conditions for full development, upbringing and education of children, and conscious is the interaction between the parents and children, the result of which is to create the most favorable conditions for the full development of the child at all stages of its life.

it is Desirable that the birth of each child in the family was planned, and the parents prepare for this important event in their family. In our country there is a system of measures aimed at the prevention of unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and HIV, treatment of drug addicts in the ultimate goal of which is to preserve reproductive and sexual health of the population. The system of these activities is called family planning.


What are the factors that negatively affect reproductive health (Russian Railways)?

Among the main negative factors of negative influence on the Russian Railways called the stress, disruption of sleep and eating, frequent and chronic diseases, abortion, bad habits, such as Smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, promiscuous sexual relations, the passion for gambling and computer games. Especially dangerous and therefore require increased attention to those bad habits that can lead to HIV infection and pregnancy.

In our state has a service of reproductive health, which reports to the Ministry of health. Service reproductive health is a set of preventive, curative and rehabilitative measures aimed at solving problems related to reproductive health. These measures, namely:

  • Prevention of early onset of sexual life;
  • the
  • Prevention of unintended pregnancy;
  • the
  • Providing information about family planning and birth-time;
  • the
  • Prevention of HIV
  • the
  • Prevention of alcoholism, drug abuse, Smoking, aimed to support and contribute to the welfare of the family or the individual.

Thus, the purpose of the service of reproductive health in line with the goals of the service of family planning, it is about ensuring the birth of healthy and desired child and preserve the health of women and men.

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