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Mastopexy (breast plastic)

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As we would like, but with the age of the chest is lowered, and the change we can improve only with breast augmentation surgery. It is a breast lift will help restore her breast beauty and natural form. Also, except for lowering the age of breast provoke also: weight change, depreciation, breast-feeding, wrong bra, a very large breast size (more than 2nd), loss of skin elasticity, etc.

Who needs plastic surgery for breast lift?

Mastopexy (breast plastic) helps women regain their natural shape of the breast. But it's worth noting that the best results this operation brings to women with small breasts, a consequence of the effect of these ladies have saved a lot longer. It is through what they have on the breast tissue is much less constricted. And if you are planning a pregnancy, the doctor will recommend you Mastopexy postponed. Because you just spend your time and money, since in any case during pregnancy proyzoydut any breast changes. But in itself it does pregnancy have no effect. There are no contraindications.

So we can distinguish three broad categories of women who need to do a breast lift:

  • with asymmetrical breasts;
  • with flat elongated breasts;
  • those whose breasts have lost its original shape and firmness.

So if you are thinking to do the same breast augmentation surgery, you do not worry,% of complications after surgery is less than 2%. There is only one point on which you have to pay your attention, that is, without anesthesia anesthesia because the operation will not take place. So you need to consult with the anesthesiologist regarding allergic reactions to anesthesia, and to take all the attention to his recommendations, for example, smoking and birth control pills can be the first contraindication to the use of certain types of anesthesia.

Breast lift surgery and the consequences
Sometimes (but very rarely - it all depends on the individual) mastopexy can decrease the sensitivity of the nipple. Stitches and scars after breast lift also vary - so do some women, they heal very quickly and they do not see, and the other women they heal for a long time and are sensitive, red and wide, and sometimes even that they are stretched after healing and can cause an aesthetic nuisance, in which case you must use cosmetic camouflage ways seams. But in most cases, after about 6 months, almost invisible seams.

And so we understand that a breast lift almost has no contraindications, the most important thing is that the breasts are healthy. It is for this reason, the mastopexy to be examined by a doctor mammologist.

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