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Deodorant-antiperspirant Naturasept

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Deodorant-antiperspirant Naturasept

Naturasept Artlife was specially designed for a woman's skin, does not clog pores, does not disrupt the sweat glands.
The unique composition of natural natural ingredients - tsetrarii extract, green tea, aloe vera juice, and tea tree oil - regulates perspiration effectively and permanently protects against odor, keeping the natural balance of the skin, moisturizing it. Used in the formulation of extracts and oils promote healing and regeneration of the skin, prevent inflammation. Clear deodorant formula leaves no visible marks on the skin and white stains on clothes. Suitable for frequent use. Provides a feeling of cleanliness and comfort for long.

Extract tsetrarii Icelandic (Iceland moss)
The structure includes tsetrarii tsetrarina (tsetrarovoy acid), as well lihesterinovaya, protolihesterinovaya, fumarprototsetrarovaya, ascorbic and folic acid, resins, mineral salts (1-2%) and vitamin B. Like many lichens, also contains usnic acid, has antibiotic properties. Has antimicrobial and wound healing, astringent and antibacterial properties.

Green tea extract
Its unique properties are due to a high concentration of polyphenols, the activity of which is several times higher than the activity of the well-known defender of the skin from free radicals - vitamin E. Tea polyphenols also have an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, promote the penetration of biologically active substances into the skin. Contained in the extract caffeine improves blood circulation and nutrition of the skin, reduces puffiness, tannins give skin elasticity. In addition, green tea activates blood circulation, supplying the cells with oxygen, increases the protective properties of the skin. Tannin in green tea creates a dense film on the skin with a bactericidal effect.

Aloe juice
Prevents the development of allergic reactions on sensitive skin, and promotes rapid healing of micro-cracks that can occur when excessive dryness of the skin.

Tea Tree Oil
Unique natural natural antiseptic. It has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect. Stimulates the immune system.

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