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These tools are based on proven natural antiseptic and manufactured using the original technology of extraction of natural ingredients - CO2 extraction. This technology allows you to maximize the healing properties of plants to maintain.

Liquid soap Naturasept
In the market of cosmetic cleansers seen a rapid growth in popularity of liquid soap. The shape of liquid soap in its composition is easier to introduce various functional additives. Thus, experts Artlife introduced in liquid soap recipe natural antiseptic Naturasept - extracts tsetrarii and cedar, as well as antimicrobial additives has been selected tetranil-U. Natural antiseptics provide active protection against pathogens, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect.

Tsetrariya (Icelandic moss) has a long history of use as an antimicrobial, wound healing and antiseptic substances in people and in the official medicine. This lichen is used as a powder or decoction for treatment of external infections of wounds, cuts and abrasions.

The extract of cedar - oil fraction is obtained using a unique, gentle CO2-extraction technology, which preserves all biologically active substances in the plant intact. It is a living balanced natural complex, which is significantly richer in composition and more efficient than the usual pine nut oil. In addition to essential oils, cedar extract contains virtually all the fat-soluble vitamins (carotenoids, tocopherol, pro-vitamins F, D, K), volatile, sterols (plant hormones), flavonoids, phospholipids, esters, higher alcohols, a complex of natural organic acids, chlorophyll, macro- and trace elements. Thanks to this rich content cedar extract has high antibacterial, antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties, stimulates cell renewal of skin.

Saving power plants
The process of extraction of CO2 occurs at high pressure (79 atmospheres) in carbon dioxide environment. In contrast to the oxygen (or air), carbon dioxide is not able to oxidize, or damage the beneficial components of plants. This approach allows us to obtain an extract, extremely rich and active.

Tetranil-U has a fungicidal and bactericidal effect. Unlike other aggressive antibacterial ingredients tetranil-U demonstrates excellent compatibility with skin and no irritation.

Any liquid soap cleans the skin from contamination by surface-active agents (surfactants). However, hard surfactant is removed not only pollution but also the lipid layer, and at the same time wash away from the skin to low molecular weight soluble components such as amino acids, carbohydrates and salts that help retain moisture in the skin. With the loss of the protective layer of skin dries out, coarsens, cracks appear on it. To prevent this, the composition of liquid soap Naturasept developers have introduced allantoin and mild surfactants - Proteol APL.

Allantoin moisturize and soften the stratum corneum, promotes tissue regeneration, anti-inflammatory, soothing and wound healing effect on the skin making it smooth and supple. He has a positive effect on the skin in high-aggression environment (wind, sun, frost, etc.).

Proteol APL provides a soft and gentle cleansing, as a product of natural origin from the world of fruit - is derived from essential amino acids of apple juice. Proteol APL provides incredible softness of liquid soap, and also gives a very nice, dense foam and ultrasoft, fully preserves the protective lipid barrier of the skin.

Use liquid soap with natural preservatives Naturasept antibacterial and complex long-term protection from bacteria, without causing a harmful effect on the skin's own microflora. Liquid soap is suitable for cleaning Naturasept even dry and sensitive skin, it is ideal for frequent use in households and in public places. Liquid soap Naturasept intended primarily for the care of your hands, but can also be used as a shower gel, if this is not at hand or you prefer to take a shower with soap and water.

Liquid soap creates a less alkaline than soap solid and well neutralizes hard water. Thanks to the carefully selected composition of the liquid soap Naturasept not cause irritation, dryness and tightness feeling of the epidermis during the cleansing of hands or body.

Balm for hands Naturasept
Constant and prolonged exposure to household chemicals, chlorinated water from the tap, wind, cold, very harmful to the skin of hands. The skin coarsens with time, and shows fine wrinkles, flaking, redness and cracks through which can penetrate dirt and germs that can lead to inflammation. In addition, frequent contact with water and detergents cause damage to the hydrolipid film and a layer of epidermal lipids are responsible for the barrier function of skin. When the natural protective film is weakened, it can not prevent the aggression of the environment. Therefore, hand care - an essential part of daily care.

Balm for hands Naturasept designed specifically for intensive feeding, hydration and skin repair arms. He creates on the skin surface a protective film that protects against cold, wind, detergents, and evaporation. This is especially true since the tender skin of hands need to be protected at any moment. We recommend to use a balm for hands Naturasept at any time if you experience dryness of the skin and protect it.

Balm prevents dryness, flaking and cracking, retains his youth and beauty of your hands at all times. It has a light delicate texture, easily absorbed and does not leave the skin oily and sticky tape.

Active components are the extracts of balm, yarrow, tsetrarii Oil viburnum, oleoresin (pitch) of the Siberian cedar, D-panthenol and allantoin.

The combination of natural antiseptics - extracts tsetrarii and yarrow - creates an active antibacterial protection, anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect.

Vitamins and essential fatty acids contained in butter of viburnum, nourish and soften skin, improve its elasticity, prevent premature aging.

Oleoresin cedar promotes healing of microcracks, protects the skin from irritation and inflammation.

D-panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) - an essential ingredient for reconstruction of the cells in the cracks, scratches, etc. It is great nourishes and moisturizes the skin, improves its structure and strengthen the nail plate.

Allantoin has a moisturizing and softening the skin, increases its elasticity and smoothness, as well as stimulate the healing process of cracks, abrasions and renovation of epidermis cells.

Balm for hands Naturasept gives the skin a feeling of unusual softness and comfort.

Take care of hands, but to you it was easier to think about this procedure, keep a bottle of balsam always in sight.
And let the skin of your pens will always be a tender, supple and smooth!

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