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To lose weight fast you will help the juice from the beets. Features a prescription and the number of calories

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One of the new (well forgotten old), but very economical and effective ways to lose weight - drink concentrated fresh juice of red beet. Sounds strange? If so, let us have a closer examine this issue.


How to make beet juice?

In a juicer make a juice from raw red beet or you can rubbed on a fine grater and squeeze the juice via a few layers of folded cheesecloth. A day needs 1 Cup. Put in refrigerator for 3 hours, evaporated to harmful volatile oils. More information see


How to make a juice from beets for weight loss?

Then every 2 hours drink 1-1,5 tablespoons of juice (not more, it is very concentrated !!!). People seem disgusting, you can drink water or dilute another juice, but in very small quantity. This procedure should be repeated every day for 2 weeks. Weight loss is guaranteed! It will be from 1 to 5 kg. you can eat almost everything, but I do not recommend to eat at night.


please Pay special attention!

Not everyone can drink svezhevyzhatye beet juice, because it contains volatile substances - essential oils, which can cause nausea, vomiting, palpitations, weakness, bowel disorder, diarrhoea (diarrhea). Therefore, it is first put in the cold for 3 hours, and only after start to drink.

to Start receiving raw beet eye look with 1 tablespoon per day. Gradually increase the dose and reduce to 2 tablespoons per day - no more! If you have allergies, before you take beet juice, check with your doctor. Otherwise, possible allergic reaction - rash on body, fever etc. You are strictly contraindicated juice of beetroot, if you have a stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer, urolithiasis.

by the Way, the calories in this product is very very small, so you may want to try them! Remember that a good result depends directly on your efforts. In this case, to be lazy you don't need!

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