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What you need to know about teeth whitening?

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Advertising in television always inspires that smile white teeth— that is something that is so necessary for each person. Only the owner of the data teeth people pay attention, especially the opposite sex. Videos and talk about the tools that will help reach the cherished goal — offer to buy a whitening toothpaste, gum for chewing, then different modern collections for bleaching yourself. It seemed — do not worry,  and not have to go to the dentist. But the most effective way to whiten your teeth - this is the same trip to the doctor. By the way, you can appreciate the result. In this case, you will not even doubt.


What are the distinguish types of teeth whitening?

There are professional whitening. It will be divided into 2 main types — office, meaning that it occurs directly in the dentist's chair, and home. If you hold the whitening correctly and with a competent approach, it is necessary to pass these 2 stages. also distinguish two types of office bleaching:

  • In the first case the reaction is started after the mixing of various chemical substances;
  • the
  • In the second — it is triggered by certain bulbs or laser. It is important to note that a variant which we call the second is more expensive — for the patient and for the clinic, but he is also considered the most effective because the teeth are lightened for a lot more tones.

How to be pinning effect?

the Anchoring effect is usually carried out at home, but there are using less intense mixtures of chemical substances. First made individual Kappa — a “nasonic", which is the type is very similar to Boxing — and  put on one night. Previously, many pharmacies sell already-made plastic aligners, which had a whitening composition, but to apply them is not recommended — needs precise alignment with your individual options.


Home stage

Home teeth whitening stage is  for 5-10 nights. Then to once every six months for one night to perform the procedure and supporting nature, that is, Podotvalnoye. But even when you are not will make the color of the teeth will remain several shades lighter than the original. Often the effect itself is persistent, and the second procedure is not required.


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