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The ghosts of divorce: the program "Avtotak"

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In Ukraine there are a lot of paradoxes. 1 of them is that effective tools that work successfully in other States, somehow cause distrust our fellow citizens. An example of such a paradox may be the program "Avtotak". Some say that its amazing, and others say that water is being "Scam". And actually: ? Next, try to figure it out.


  • it allows all Ukrainians (no matter its level of income), to buy a new car with manufacturer's warranty from the dealership;
  • the
  • you make a minimum overpayment (6 % per year)
  • the
  • have the ability to pay more, i.e. in advance (ahead);
  • the
  • you can save considerably by paying for the services of a program administrator;
  • the
  • every one of the participants of this program receive their cars;
  • the
  • this program is 100 % legal. The financial services Commission regulates the activities of the administrators.

then What is causing the issues?

the Participants in this programme receive their car is not immediately after signing the contract, and after a while. Such is the peculiarity of the acquisitions in the group, and it gives the opportunity to buy a car much cheaper than the cost of its purchase on credit.

What we have in the end?

Get a car very quickly, though with a large overpayment, you will be offered any Bank, but, given the size of this overpayment suits far not every (real output, it is necessary to pay half the cost of the car, and sometimes even more). That's why people seek other, more profitable and affordable way of buying a car.

Possibility of buying a car through the program "Avtotak" offer on the official websites of the distribution companies Chevrolet, Chery and KIA, as well as in showrooms UkrAVTO. A huge advantage of this program is that the buyer has the opportunity to buy a car with a minimum overpayment, if he cannot immediately pay the necessary amount to the cost of the machine.

Negative feedback

You may ask why then in the global network, together with positive reviews about this program, you can meet and negative? What bothers mistrustful of Ukrainians, and who writes the reviews?

the Answers to these questions may be many. We'll just say this: do not immediately blindly believe all the reviews. It is best to get acquainted with the agreement on the site "Avtotak" and consult with a lawyer, and after that, make your own conclusions.

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