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How to choose the right bouquet?

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In our lives, we have a huge number of reasons to give flowers: mom's birthday or dad's, a friends wedding, a memorable date, March 8, a date or an ordinary token to pay attention to your loved one. I do not recommend to buy already made bouquets or baskets. It is better to spend more time, but to choose each flower and make a bouquet. But, it is important to remember that bouquets for women and men differ a lot from each other.


Bouquet for women

Bouquet for women you can choose or create any shape. At the time of its making use of all sorts of beautiful ribbons, big bows, beads and other decorations. But it is important to take into account the age of the ladies. Because more young girls are well suited flowers in pastel shades (white, pink or cream), and the ladies who are already aged – flowers are more saturated colors – that is, Burgundy, purple, cherry and others. More information can be found in .


Bouquet for men

a Bouquet for men need to choose more severe pyramidal or triangular shape. Usually the male flowers bouquets are made of only one kind, but in solid colours. Although this is not an exception and sometimes make the contrast. In the bouquet for the representatives of the stronger sex has to be big and solid colors.


What kind of bouquet would be most appropriate in a particular case?

  • On the day of birth I recommend to give only those flowers that love the birthday boy himself. If this fact is unknown to you, then choose colors on your own taste. But remember that the bouquet must be characterized by brightness, festive, and also be not very small, but not very plentiful.
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  • On the relevant anniversary will be large arrangements, or even beautiful basket. But it is important to remember that elderly people are not recommended to give a bright or dark color bouquets.
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  • If you're invited to a wedding, buy flowers only light or even white shades.
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  • For a date bring a small and simple bouquet or a single, large, but beautiful flower.

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