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The Green card policy: why is it needed?

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This insurance policy is issued to owners of cars travelling in his car on the territory of the 47 countries that participate in this international system. According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine that car owners who go abroad are required to have a Green card - without leaving the forbidden. From which we can conclude that Green card, a kind of mandatory "fortress Kodak" that operates abroad. By the way, if you need , something to draw her you can use the service Oh.UA.

Who can receive the insurance policy "Green card"?

Soglasno the law, a Green card can get:

  • a natural person (citizen of Ukraine);
  • the legal entity (company) operating a car legally.

What is insured according to the contract?

According to the contract this policy is insured not the car itself, and the responsibility of the driver of this machine. That is, the insurer will reimburse the financial costs that are associated with the infliction of harm to life, health and property of other road users after the accident, which occurred through the fault of the insured person (policyholder).

What is insured?

the Insured event, as well as under contracts of voluntary and compulsory "autocitizen" in our country - is an accident, which resulted in harm caused to 3rd parties. The result of this incident is the civil liability of the insured, and that is the reason for the payment of insurance.

What compensates for the Green card?

  • damage that the insured caused to the car other participants of traffic movement
  • damage that the insured caused to the health of other participants of traffic movement.

What's the amount of insurance "Green card"?

Directly when making policy the sum insured is not installed, and this is done according to the laws of the country in whose territory the insured event.


are There any restrictions on payments?

According to the agreement of the policy "Green card" franchise, as well as any other restrictions.


What is the cost of a Green card?

the Price of the policy  depends on:

  • how many will operate the contract (15 to 365 days)
  • another country
  • type of auto.

Remember! There are 2 island type of insurance policies "Green card", which deystvut on site:

  • the Russian Federation, Belarus and Moldova;
  • all 47 countries participating in this system.

Also the cost depends on the type of contract.

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