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How to treat alcoholism?

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today alcoholism is an actual problem in our society. But how do you get rid of this destructive addiction. The first thing you need to start with the fact that the alcoholic admits that he is addicted to alcohol. A further step is receiving adequate care.

As practice shows - the people in whose life everything is going steadily, delay seeking assistance because of alcoholism, even if this problem is already very serious.


help Options in alcoholism:

  • Self. Experts say that approximately one-third of alcoholics, reduce the number of drinks of alcohol alone or completely stop drinking without providing them with professional support;
  • Consulting. An experienced consultant can help the alcoholic talk about his problems with alcohol and may even develop a plan to solve this problem. In the West this technique is called cognitive behavioral therapy
  • the Decision problems underlying alcoholism. People with alcohol dependence may experience stress, you may have problems with self-esteem, depression, anxiety and other mental problems. It is important to treat these disease, as a key turning point for an alcoholic is to realize that alcohol exacerbated his mental problems. Also, often, alcoholics suffer from liver diseases and hypertension. These diseases also need to treat;
  • the Use of drugs that cause a very bad reaction to alcohol. For example, "Disulfiram" is a person who drinks alcohol: headache, redness of skin, nausea, and vomiting. This drug does not cure alcoholism and fights the attraction to him is a deterrent. More modern drug such action is "Colme". But whatever it was, before the use of these drugs need to consult with your doctor;
  • Drugs that act on the craving for alcohol. On today's laziness, these drugs there is a huge number, they are different groups and they have an effect on various components of the attraction to "green snake". Examples of these drugs are "Acamprosate and Naltrexone". But before their application you also need to consult a doctor;
  • Detox. This method consists in prescribing certain drugs with the aim to normalize the internal environment of the body and to prevent the development of symptoms, subjects with alcoholics in a complete cessation or a sharp reduction in the dose of alcohol to which they are accustomed. Often, the treatment lasts from 4 days to 1 week.

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