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The main differences between osteoarthritis and arthritis

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In diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis is joint damage. Therefore, many do not know the difference between them, and because of similar name to be seen as something inherently similar. But they are not the same.

Osteoarthritis is a gradual age-related deformation of joints and the disease often develops in people in old age. And arthritis, in turn, often occurs in young people. Although in both cases there are exceptions. By the way, (causes, symptoms and methods of treatment and prevention) can be found on the website:

According to statistics: various forms of arthritis pain to around 2% of people living on our planet (often young). But osteoarthritis pain somewhere 10 % of the population! Thus, young people are striking the arthritis is relatively rare in people of older age groups arthrosis occur many times more often. For example, in 50 years some arthritic changes in the joints there are have each the 3rd person. And in 70 years with some form of osteoarthritis aches almost every 2nd.

When osteoarthritis affects only the joints (the rest of the body - the process doesn't involve). But arthritis, by contrast, is an inflammatory disease of the whole organism; and inflamed joints – only it ’s the tip of the iceberg”.

Inflamed joints in arthritis can manifest them:

  • redness
  • swelling
  • and severe pain that persists even at rest, and sometimes that is worse at night.

This inflammation is often caused or infection, or too vigorous activity and malfunction of our immune system, which mistakenly directs all his force against our body. Sometimes the arthritis shows disruption of metabolic processes in the body.

the Changes that occur in the body in some forms of arthritis, have a negative impact not only on some joints. Also they often beat and our internal organs (the kidneys, liver and heart). And happens also such that in case of not proper treatment of arthritis may cause complications that can pose a very serious threat to the life of the patient.

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