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What can be the consequences of prostatitis

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Such a serious disease as prostatitis, or to be precise - disregard for the symptoms of this disease leads to irreparable consequences, to remove which it will be very difficult. If it's about how threatening consequences of this disease, the 1st thing to say about the problem with potency. During prostatitis in men decreases the number of testosterone that, in turn, causes a decrease in libido. But, impotence is not the only trouble that comes with prostatitis. More details on the website: .

for a Long period of persistent pain becomes a cause of nervous and mentally unstable state. Also common complication of prostatitis is infertility, at risk include > 40% of men suffering from chronic prostatitis.

the Most unpleasant companions of this disease are difficulty of urination, which in the truest sense of the word "paste" of the patient to the toilet. Often, in addition to reducing sexual attraction, potency, agony, appear adenoma and stones.

If you sensibly and on time rate, what causes prostatitis, we understand that timely treatment can save you from quite probable in this disease surgery. Chronic prostatitis without professional medical. aid inevitably leads to sclerosis of the prostate.

a Lot of men try to be treated in a timely manner, however to protect yourself from BPH is far from over. Choice when running prostatitis to this stage very small. If time does not cure BPH, it gradually grow into a malignant tumor, and in the future in prostate cancer.


Consequences of prostatitis:

  • male infertility
  • no erection
  • adenoma prostate
  • constant heaviness in the bladder;
  • repeated calls to urinate;
  • prostate cancer.

If you say that, as a result of prostatitis simply worsens the quality of life of men, is to say nothing. You don't need to have a vivid imagination in order to imagine the physical and emotional state of male patients with prostatitis.

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