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What is endometriosis and how is it dangerous

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Only fifty years ago about endometriosis still knew absolutely nothing, and today this diagnosis is often put at a reception at the gynecologist.

the Endometrium is one of the 3 layers of the uterus, namely - internal and, as they say gynecologists active. The endometrium is needed in order to create the most favorable conditions for attachment in the uterus of a fertilized egg. In that case, if that happens, then after about 14 days it has torn away and the woman begins menstruating. But from time to time it happens that with the blood flow of endometrial tissue fall back into the fallopian tubes, and through them – in the fallopian tubes, the bowel, peritoneum, uterus, ovaries, etc., where they take root. More detail about the causes of endometriosis read on the website: .

Such mini-menstruation in consequence lead to an increase of the respective body and to inflammation in the surrounding tissues, causing aching or pulling pain that can give the vagina in the region of the rectum or sacrum. This condition is often painful:

  • sexual act
  • urination
  • defecation.

endometriosis also have another 1-on feature - it is very difficult to diagnose. Often, when in the early stages of this disease it is an inflammatory disease, for example, inflammation of the appendages. Really experienced gynecologist will be very carefully collect anamnesis and to conduct examination. In addition, the examination may include an ultrasound, and examination of the hormonal status of the patient.

the Most formidable symptom of endometriosis is infertility. In order to avoid it, the faster you need to go to the doctor.

Sometimes the patient endometriosis patient is recommended surgical treatment, which today is make a gentle manner, by means of laparoscopy, which, in turn, in the future allows a woman to get pregnant.

unfortunately, now to cure this disease is impossible, but you can keep it in remission for many years to come. Recent medical studies have shown that the disease in cancer is not ever reborn, so it's important to 2 times a year to visit the gynecologist and to comply with the prescribing doctor.

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