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Toothbrush and other hygiene items for braces

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toothbrush for braces is the 1st accessory that you need to buy a beginner brakelines. Most likely, many people think that the teeth in the braces can be cleaned the conventional toothbrush. But better to use those means that are specially designed for this purpose.


oral Hygiene

Probably no people do not know that it is necessary to brush teeth not less than 2 times a day. Finding braces in the mouth contributes to the accumulation of food residue and plaque on the teeth (especially around the brackets). All that remains after the food in the maze of braces almost immediately begins to have a negative impact on gums and teeth. That is why during treatment the orthodontist it is quite important not to forget the oral hygiene to prevent gingivitis and cavities. That's just the usual brush your teeth will not do here.


Arsenal of brushes and other tools for the care of braces and oral hygiene

In the course of treatment the orthodontist to care for your braces and teeth using a special drafting orthodontic brushes:

  • one-beam brush
  • brushes for braces
  • brush with V-neck.

standard tools:

  • a toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • superfloss and floss.

Further examine nekotorye of these items. By the way, buy toothbrush for braces here: .


Brush with V-neck

So brush with a V-neck with a brush, which in the longitudinal direction in the middle the bristles are shorter. If you look into the end of the cleaning head, then you will see that in the center of the hairs are cut in the form of the letter "V", the presence of which promotes more effective cleaning of braces and teeth.


one-beam brush

There are also one-beam brush, which is a handle that is curved in onto the letters “G”. At its end there is a small bundle of thin fibers. This design gives you a perfectly clear area around the parts of the braces.


Brushes for bretto

And still have the brushes for braces that are needed for cleaning hard to reach places directly under the arc of multibinding system.

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