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Showerhead: how to choose

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Shower showerhead is a thing that everyone has long been well known and seems to be very simple. But, nevertheless, this detail for the shower manufacturers to date is turned into a real work of art more. Let's learn in greater detail what constitutes the development of this area today.


What are the watering can?

shower Heads usually are classified according to the method of fastening.

  • has long existed traditional plates, which are fixedly mounted drives with nozzles. They often create a familiar imitation nebolshogo of rain, which is of various degrees of intensity. The shape of the plates is circular or rectangular. Sizes also vary.
  • the
  • and There are mobile watering can – they are disposed at different angles, raise them to different heights. These nozzles give a more extraordinary feeling than they and good. By the way, if you need to buy quality , we recommend the site:

And first, and others are made from metal, brass, and even steel. Plates, which are rigidly fixed on the pipe-rack are usually metal. If the nozzle is made for a hand shower, it is best to choose plastic because it to the touch much easier. External differences almost non-existent, and plastic also has a multi-layered chrome finish.


Why plastic nozzles are better suited for hand shower?

If the tube is out of your hands out with you – a nozzle, having fallen from a height, it absolutely will damage the enamel of the bathroom, particularly the tub. The shower heads of today have a very attractive appearance and are ergonomically designed. They are usually held in the hands, so they have a streamlined shape. But their most important advantage is that they provide an opportunity to get a good water jet with different characteristics. Shower is hard, massaging, or gently-drip, that simulates a light rain in the summer. Exist and enveloping, which in themselves give a soft jet types. They usually have a relaxing effect more vivid. If your shower is made of such a shower nozzle, water treatments will be more enjoyable and much healthier than usual. As these games with water jets will delight all children without exception!


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