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Structum: nstrukcja with zastosuvannya the drug and its analogues

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ciogodnichnyu day has become an urgent problem of hvorob support-rogovogo the apparatus. Unfortunately, the stench of vrahati not only lth, and th molodih people. The new retroblast of preparati for usunennya podna problems. However, one such LCV - is the drug "Structum".


DEA drug

the Tablet ’s Structum" otnosatsa to groupie chondroprotectors, ie zasobu, that sahasauto HRAs aglobe from ruynuvan. So da zabezpecuje zavdyaki vmesto in preparat recovery chondrotin sulfate, and sama main " skladnik - natrol Sol. It is worth noting, that chondrotin be a practical basis Hramova tkaniny, that he Beland of normal baglivi to become hradv.

Still one da the drug - end of a stimulation of the synthesis of guluronate kisloty, Yak vdova for normalno V ASST sinoville rdini (TL rdina also bezposrednio vpliva on the mill gradv). Vjnetcast I antisepticize chondrotin Efekt scho DOPOMOGA borotysya with zapaliname tkaniny.

Componenti drug sapoot SMN Hramova tkaniny, that lead to a rozpad and pererodina. Moreover, rulist suglobov improves, and bolovi syndrome h hour practical that cuprates. It turns out vpliv first on kostkova loom. So, I won vbnewline smorkatsja for the account of nakopitelny to calcium deposits.


Pokazana to zastosuvannya, protipozarni I pobon the effects

In which vipadkah shows a drug "Structum"? He can dopomogty when Deakin zacharovannyj support-rogovogo the apparatus. Varto pererubat some of them:

  • arthrosis (in particular pervine);
  • osteoarthritis of the great suglobov;
  • osteoarthritis of the ridge;
  • mehrabani osteochondrosis;
  • degenerative disc disease suglobov;
  • other zacharovanna suglobov , ridge degenerative districe character.

Now about protipoziarne. The axis are list:

  • plebi I tromboflebite;
  • watnet;
  • period godwanna graddy;
  • WC to 15 years (data on production and about zastosuvannya zasobu people W Dana vcbo category vdst);
  • Chronotech whether which character I shelist to them;
  • pcvista cutlist to deyakih components I recover the drug.

Scho as pabona effectw, then the stench of vynikajuci in the individual vipadkah, but all mayut place. More often those, who prima sasb vjnetcast porsenna travenna: nuotu, aches, sometimes diarrhea or, on the contrary, constipation. Yakscho well of hvori Chelny to allergic reactions, Gogo can fenicoti visip ABO Neznan naraki. The vsih Tsikh vipadkah the time utilized drug all Prienai.


Form the issue I zastosuvannya method

Vypuskaetsya the drug in three lorsica forms: capsules wiggled signage coloro Ob mom 500 mg ( "Structum 500") and 250 mg ( "Structum 250"), wiggled pokrytyh obroncow tablets, and also in viglyad Roschino for n injection. By the way, Danny simovici the drug you can .

Yak I in which doses of Varto Primate drug? About TSE guilty rospoli lcar after realnogo obtienne. Ale castle only medical rekomenduoti Primate 1 capsule the drug (500 mg) DC for the day. From Priya g zastosuvannya NIAC is not saleit. Cotati capsule need clay, not rossofuoco I zapiwati dostanou clcct water. Sometimes in pers three week course Pact guilty of primati 1500 mg na dobu apartments (better rozdelit Priya Rasi for two and Primate at one time the two chargers: Ob mom 500 mg I odnochasno 250 mg). Then dobova dose may be snijena to 500 mg. Course lguana can trivati from 3 to 6 months (in zaleznosc from specific zacharovanna I'm pacta).Vdevice therapy is possible in 3-4 msec.

as for the pills That - Recomendar very well.

Now about n CC. Roschin be entered nutria Yazov 0.1 mg at a time. Roblets to Albany in a day. yakscho prenociste the drug is good, then lcar can zbilshiti dose in two Razi. Usually the course lguana vkluchi in itself n 25-35 injection. Repeated therapy may be priznachena through pwrok.


Efektivnosti drug

Koli Varto occupati the effect from zastosuvannya zasobu? The main rakovina good smokets in the intestines I purple in the shelter after 3-4 years. And so golovno CL, and sama hradv I sinoville rdini componenti casagaudi about 5 hours. There sama bude the drug nukopijuoti. And with ogledu for this pleases Nakopychuvalnyi Efekt, can is worth noting, that scientists will spottergijs lachey in 3-4 week (sometimes later) after the beginning zastosuvannya. But then the effect sberkassa rain is for long. Nastup at 5-7 months of recovery still will mstetice in cartilage, then postupovo pochnut livaditis STI (course then I need lguana bude povtoriti).

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