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Myths about laser hair removal

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There are many allegations that laser hair removal is very difficult, painful and expensive procedure. Some people utstate that the laser hair removal is very harmful and spoils the skin, even leads to an incurable disease.
We assure you not to listen to various gossip and sought from professionals and specialists. Only need to believe the facts and the real story.
In this article, Ivanov AE - BPAh cosmetologist higher category will talk about and try to describe the 10 most popular myths.
Myth 1. Laser hair removal is injurious to health and may even damage the internal organs.
This myth is easily refuted, because during the procedure of laser hair removal depth of conventional PierceAries laser beam reaches only from 1 st to 4 mm. Such a length of penetration he can dosyagnutisya only hair follicles, and then completely dissipated. With laser hair removal is destroyed only the hair bulb. Modern equipment ensures the implementation absolutely safe laser hair removal procedure. After the procedure,As a rule, there is a little red area hair removal, which takes place in a few hours.
Therefore, laser hair removal - it is a safe hair removal procedure.
Myth 2. Laser hair removal - the procedure is absolutely painless.
Unfortunately, this misconception that exists today. In fact, during the procedure a simple laser hair removal there is a slight pain. It all depends on what your threshold. Also, the experience of pain differently in different parts of the body. However, This is significantly less pain than by waxing or depilatory. Hiscan be compared to a mosquito bite. But if the client will feel too uncomfortable pain, We can handle portion epilation special anesthetic cream will reduce the pain.
Myth 3. Laser hair removal - a procedure designed exclusively for women.
In fact,Laser hair removal is in demand in both women and men. In the XXI century, everyone wants to be well-groomed and beautiful. Cover ideals have long been common people we see on the street. In addition, many men need to remove unwanted hair because of the professional activity: athletes, models, dancers.
Myth 4. Laser hair removal increases ingrown hairs on the body.
This myth is very common and popular among women as well as ingrown hairs appear because of the use of razor or wax. However, laser hair removal - ideal removal of ingrown hairs, and themore after the procedure, laser hair removal ingrown hairs absent. Laser hair removal does not cause scarring of the skin, because the laser does not destroy the layer of the skin, but only the hair follicles. Therefore, we can assure you that the ingrown hair you will not!
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