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A few tips on how to choose air conditioning

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in order to choose you in the first place, you need to decide what the size of the room and where the unit is located ( i.e. is it Sunny or in the shade). Depending on what you need to begin to choose air conditioning.


Types of air conditioners

There are many types of air conditioners:

  • Mobile (outdoor);
  • the
  • Heaters
  • the
  • Split systems.
  1. portable air conditioner you can very easily transfer from one room to another, he at the same time he has a feature that is purification and ionization of air in the room. Of course, that it allocate a disadvantage - you have to constantly pour out water that accumulates in a special compartment. By the way, you will be pleased with the sale . Read more on the website:
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  3. the Most widely popular are directly split systems. This type of conditioning not only cools the room in a terrible heat, but also heat it in the cold season. In addition, this system does not clutter the room, and set it under the ceiling. So you can not be afraid, because it fits in with any room interior.
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  5. Another big advantage of this split system is a convenience during installation, because all the air conditioners at home are working from the Central outdoor unit, which means that punching through a wall will be only in one place. But it is important to remember that in order to cool one room and heat another at the same time - impossible. All indoor units operate in the same mode: it is only cooling or heating. When necessary to control the temperatures in different rooms should be installed in every room of your conditioning.
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  7. it does Not take into account the country of origin. The price is not affected.
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  9. don't save on the install. Unprofessional installation is bad because it will be possible equipment damage and even collapse set design. Remember that the installation company must be licensed and all the necessary documents, which confirm qualification to provide these services.


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