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Dental clinic "ESTUDENT" in Chelyabinsk - guaranteed quality at reasonable prices!

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“ASTUDENT”" - a dental clinic in Chelyabinsk, which stands out amongst its extensive experience in the provision of dental services and Nada all his patients professional and quality service. In this you can be sure.

This clinic does everything to make You smile beautiful and white smile, because it is the key to a happy and successful future. The clinic has gained a reputation for his hard work, thanks to the individual approach to each patient, friendly approach and painless treatment. Therefore, You can safely trust them, because they care about Your health and comfort.


What services a dental clinic?

Dental clinic provides a wide range of services, namely:

  • Treatment
  • the
  • ;
  • the
  • Implantology
  • the
  • Orthodontics
  • the
  • Periodontics and many other.

the clinic also employs qualified and experienced doctors.  Specialists regularly improve their qualifications while participating in various exhibitions, lectures and conferences in the country and abroad. It is important that competent and helpful staff of this clinic is able to provide you with high quality assistance, and they very responsible attitude to their work. The clinic equipment on a professional level and reliable materials known manufacturers. And the clinic with respect and care we treat our customers, and regular customers offering discounts for services.

On their website: You have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the dental services they offer, and learn interesting and useful information concerning treatment, prevention, and care for their own teeth.


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