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How to promote a medical website?

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Among the most popular topics in the global web 1-ranked medical subject. In Runet users in the search box Google and Yandex in a month administered approximately 13.000.000 queries on a health topic. Search engine optimization clinic or honey. portal involves a fierce struggle for a place in the TOP 3 and TOP 10 PS. In this article we consider the features and tell us about it Ivanov I. K. is an employee of the company "Alchemy":



Remember that the content that is designed for honey. the website has its own specifics. Here you may not post content of poor quality. Ideally, fill this online resource has different information needs the authors that have honey. education and desired specialization.


the clinic

Very detailed information about the company will greatly increase the trust of potential patients. Do not forget about providing contact information, names and photographs of doctors, data about their education and license. Describe the specialization of the doctors, their qualifications, awards and diplomas.

Also it should detail the medicines and the medical equipment used in the work.

Publish a photo gallery of the clinic and the wards.

it is Necessary to provide relevant information about the business address, hours, admission, services and travel directions.


Targeted searches

About a third of potential customers in the search box enter the names of specialties of doctors (surgeon, proctologist admission, kidney stones, price, etc.).

a Quarter of potential customers are searching for phrases that involve some action (make a gastroscopy, blood tests, ultrasound of the kidneys...).

And about 45 % of potential customers in the search engine enter: "symptoms of diseases" and "diseases" (high blood pressure, neuralgia, pain in the liver).

For honey. center the biggest concern is search engine optimization on requests from the 1st and 2nd groups. People who are interested in the data requests are ready in principle to use the services of a doctor in the near future.


Structure and interface of the website

All the honey. services necessary to devote a separate web page. All descriptions must be clear, intelligible and concise. To the description of a particular service does not hurt to add a couple of phrases about the benefits of treatment at your clinic, photos of doctors who are receiving, and a short story about them, in addition, you must indicate your phone records and pictures.

You can organize on your website a corporate blog and forum.

the medical Interface of the website needs to be as convenient, but the information presented herein should convince the potential client within the competence of the doctors clinic.


is Just indispensable tools of all honey. the sites are:

  • service of online consultation with doctors;
  • comfortable shape make an appointment to see a doctor;
  • answers to frequently asked questions.

in addition, you can host a web site: reference drugs and diseases.

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