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Recipes of traditional medicine to improve potency

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nowadays are quite popular for several reasons:

  • their effectiveness is no doubt because they are time-tested
  • due to the fact that in folk medicine used only natural ingredients - side effects from this treatment not;
  • the treatment by means of traditional medicine provides a sufficiently lasting effect, can not be said about the different drugs to stimulate potency.

Recipes for male power:

walnuts with honey

To increase potency and men's health nuts simply irreplaceable. The content in various nuts substances useful for the male body make them a great helper in the struggle with a poor potency. The recipe is very simple and it does not take very much of your time. Just chop the walnuts (by the way, you can add other nuts), and then pour it all natural honey. On the effects of this prescription can be compared with the world famous "Viagra".

Useful properties of this recipe:

  • the man increases the synthesis of testosterone (male sex hormone);
  • increases sexual desire and potency
  • completed the daily requirement of the human body in minerals and vitamins.

garlic Tincture

have long known the beneficial properties of garlic for men's health, which is why the infusion of garlic is an ideal tool to strengthen it. The recipe is simple enough: take a glass jar, throw together in about 1 kg of garlic (finely chopped) and fill the jar with boiling water. Jar to stir daily and leave for 30 days. Take garlic tincture, 1-teaspoon daily.

Useful properties of this recipe:

  • improves blood circulation
  • clears the blood vessels.

Tincture of ginseng

ginseng Tincture on alcohol is another good recipe to stimulate the potency. At the pharmacy You can buy ready-made tincture. To take this infusion is necessary to 25 - 30 drops twice or three times a day 30 minutes just before meals. Since this tincture has a tonic effect - the latter receiving infusion should be at least 4 - 5 hours before bedtime, otherwise you may well be insomnia. Also, in the instructions is a must read about side effects and different contraindications. If you have side steps - stop taking.

Useful properties of this recipe:

  • improves the synthesis of testosterone;
  • erections improved
  • helps to overcome stress;
  • increases sperm count.

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