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Dimensions massage table: how to choose

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the Size of the massage table is important when selecting because it will depend on how successful it will be held massages. In order for your choice has brought only comfort and pleasure you need to know what table size is best to choose. So there you go...


Width of the massage table

the Width of the massage table is usually from 50 to 75 cm. In the narrow tables often make the palm rest that give the possibility to work comfortably on it even with full clients. It is best that the width of a portable massage table was not more than 70 cm, because otherwise you will carry it very uncomfortable. If you need to buy , for more info check out the website:


What you need to know about the length of the massage table?

Usually the average length of any massage table is about two meters. A portable table is made and sometimes a bit short, i.e. the length of its 185-190 cm it is Important to know that even if the table has a length that is shorter than 185 cm, this does not mean that you can't put a person who has a higher growth. This problem is easy to vyresit, because you just put it under your knees a small cushion.


Height of the massage table: key features

the height of the massage table can be different, ranging from 60 to 80 cm and to Calculate the appropriate height of the table, you can, based on the growth of the massage. In a good case, the table surface should be not higher than the end of the arm, which stretched along the body, and clenched into a fist, but also not to be lower than the tips of his fingers parted the brush.

Change the height of tables can be more complex 2 modes: telescopic extension, which comes with fixation buttons, and move the legs one section to another with a small screw. Telescopic adjustment is considered a much convenient way, but this mechanism in itself less sustainable, especially when you need to take the maximum height.


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