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Tips for parents: how to choose toys for children

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When parents buy children a lot of toys, they should remember that they don't need very much. Huge osprey will only dull your child's interest and give him opportunities to develop actively. When a child in their possession has little toys, then it starts to turn on your imagination and create new interesting games with your "old characters". By the way, you can buy in the online store:


Toys should have its place

be Sure to keep a special place for toys, it is desirable that it was in the nursery. The kid can put their toys in this place, will rearrange their positions, so he will learn the organization. For example, the "Doctor" in your home will have its own medical center, “patients” will be the mother and father and a doctor – your loving kid. "Dollhouse", which is designed for girls holds a special place in the house because they live there, make friends and attend school with many dolls. Such sets can be considered the beginnings of the development of the young mistress of the hearth and they will help to accustom the girl to perform domestic duties.


is Tired of a toy? There is a solution

If the child is already tired of a toy, then I recommend to hide it for a while. Then you make your child a pleasant surprise, Recalling a friend who recently lost. Your child will be able to come up with a new role for this toy. This way you will be able to teach your child not to leave their "old friends".


Important to know

it is Also important to pay attention to what age recommendations do not always match the child's development. All children develop differently and it is clear that children of the same age may have very different interests in many games. Carefully monitor your baby, be sure to listen and look closely to what he loves than usually interested in what ’s eyes light up" from him. Grow and play together with your child!

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