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The pros of gel Polish. How to paint your nails?

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well-Groomed delicate fragile female hands is not just a fad but an important element of the appearance of any woman. For anybody not a secret that the color of the nail is the opportunity to complement your style, emphasize the image, to highlight individuality and just to cheer your favorite mood every time you look on your pretty hands.

well-chosen nail color can very clearly accentuate the beauty of your hands, colour and shape of the nails. For conservative women is the ability to give Shine to the nails or to make a classic French coating lends a healthy glow and color.


the benefits of using gel Polish

For those who are uncertainly applies to the nail, don't always have time for long procedures in the nail Cabinet, or simply does not like this process; for those who dream of natural nails with long lasting coverage, has long been invented simply brilliant gel varnish. This unique hybrid of nail Polish and gel  creates perfectly smooth and resistant coating. By the way, I recommend you buy , because many of the beauty has for many years used it in their work.

With the gel Polish you can without much of a hassle to give yourself a beautiful manicure that will delight your sight about two weeks. Pedicures, due to the slow growth of the nails, will look like just out of the salon, even longer - up to one month. Thus, this is a great option for holiday travel or holiday, which will save you from the hassle of corrections manicure.

With the help of gel you can even strengthen brittle nails, the nail plate and protect it from peeling. With gel Polish all becomes much simpler, through a combination of it and a layer of gel that protects the nail plate and lacquer which provides the desired color.

the gel Polish is applied in thin layers so that it is flexible and moves with the nails, while giving them elasticity. Unlike gel, this coating looks more natural. However, due to its resistance, this coating is different from the usual varnish, which is not always enough for the long term.


Tips that will make painting your nails great pleasure

painting the nails is a favorite procedure for many women, especially if she goes in the cabin. But in most cases paint nails at home and then have favorite process turns into disappointment: the paint spreads, the nails long time to dry and such details lots. That is why you need to know a few simple rules:

  • nail Preparation. Before you apply varnish on the nails, you should degrease them. This will help you a regular tool for removing the varnish. First treat nails this tool, and then dry. Thanks to this procedure, the nail will go better and stay on the nails longer.
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  • Polish. Very often it happens that the varnish is too long and dries rapidly, and the reason for this is in applying paint thick and uneven layers. Try to do manicure gently and slowly - so it will last much longer.
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  • Drying of lacquer. of Course, we want to make nail Polish dry faster. You can use quick-drying varnish. But if this means you don't have, and you have to paint your nails conventional varnish, spend a few simple procedures for fast-drying nails:

1. Before applying the varnish, soak him for 20 mins in the fridge.

2. Dry nails with a hair dryer, turning on the cold air;

3. Hold the nails in front of a fan;

4. Place hands in cold water for at least 3 min.

If you stick to these simple tips, your manicure will be neat and worn for longer!


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